Darth Raven with g7 ?

Do i really need to get juhani and ordo in g8 ? or keep trying?


  • Juhani is still G7 for me, and it's been months. Can't recall what I had Ordo at when I unlocked. But he wasn't very high.
  • i updated juhani to g8 as i saw its needed for next phase
    but still cant do it . mostly i lose a guy till wave 3 out of 4 and maybe even 2 lost guys till last wave . I dk i guess i need to hit good rng or change my mods
  • Is that the wave with droids at the end? If so, don't kill all the adds. The main Droid scans to see how many are alive and any that are dead trigger a buff on the main Droid. You want to keep them tied up but focus damage on the main Droid as much as possible.
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    That droid boss is hard. For reference, my Juhani is g9. But you will probably at least want to swap mods, look up strategy guides, and keep trying.
  • Gear on Juhani, Canderous, and Carth, is not necessary for DR. Get your BSF and HK to 12 with good mods and you can do it with good strategy and execution.
  • I did it !!! G11 Bastila . g10 HK .g9 Carth ( zeta) G8 juhani and g7 ordo . I just killed 2 robots on sides then focused on main robot with mostly basic att from DR and bastila as they were the only one alives at the end . Thanks everyone for advices :)
  • Yeah that main Droid is basically grievous from HAAT, once he gets the triangle buff stacked he takes multiple turns and wastes your team.
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    I think if I were doing it today, I would way over gear hk and badstilla (maybe even to the point of relics). They are needed to there for the main dr team anyway. A really high gear hk would help with the droid mission and a really high badstilla would help on the one with just badstilla and juhani.
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