Anyone tried: Vader, Wat, sith trooper, and peit together?

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Hear me out, Wat gives offense mod to Vader. Then Vader uses merciless. While he is taking turns he is gaining emprorers trap. = more offense. In addition to that every time he crits. While in merciless the sith trooper assists, and he does a lot of damage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this would be pretty OP.
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  • Not sure about that specific setup since Vader often needs support/control more than more damage from FO sith trooper, but this is pretty close (minus the trooper) against high-tenacity Rey
  • it works but if you are using Traya to counter GL Rey you need a tank in there
  • I mean Vader lead, you could add EMP in there. I think it would be pretty good. The offense would be amazing. It’s worth a try. I would try but my peit is gear 7.
  • You could also try sith empire trooper for the pre taunt with Wat recovery mod
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