How To Counter GL Luke Guide - NO GLS OR JEDI KNIGHT LUKE NEEDED - F2P Counter To JML!

Welcome back, everyone! Today we're going to be looking at how to Counter Jedi Master Luke Skywalker while he's a member of the ultimate timeout team of Bastila lead, Wat, GL Luke, GAS, and JKL! This is probably one of the most annoying variants of GL Luke squads and has been highlighted a lot recently by other YouTubers, so I decided to buckle down and make a counter that didn't need a GL or Jedi Knight Luke skywalker. Watch as we completely destroy this relic 7 GL Luke with our Jedi Knight Revan squad with 0 issues at all. Please enjoy the video of this amazing F2P counter and this will help everyone overcome this extremely annoying team. As always please consider giving the video a like and subscribing to the channel! Thanks everyone!
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