Update to Issue Involving the Make Good for LS Geo TB Phase 4

Hello Holotable Heroes,

We ran into some technical issues yesterday when sending out the make good related to last weekend’s Territory Battle. Also, to clear up confusion, if you are a player in an affected guild you will be receiving rewards as well. This is a guild-wide distribution, not player specific.

All players in guilds identified as affected will receive a total of 1000 GET1, 1500 GET 2 and 250 Crystals.

Also, please note the reason some players received a message that appeared to be empty (not containing rewards) is because that message went out to all affected players first, with follow up messages containing the actual rewards.

Thanks for your patience.


  • We have begun the process of re-sending the make good messages to affected guild members' inboxes.
  • I'm aware some guilds have reached out to claim they haven't received the make good rewards from the LS Geo TB Phase 4 tech issue. To clarify, I reached out and here's what I'm being told:

    The rewards surrounding the Phase 4 LS Geo TB make good have been sent out.
    The make good criteria was based on guilds entering Phase 4 and attempting a battle.
    If your guild did not enter Phase 4 and attempt a battle, it did not qualify for the make good.
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