Active Guilds Looking For Players - Late October/November 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Alderaans Antiques
    We are a focused, but relaxed long time guild looking for 6-8 solid players.
    Currently at 195M. Looking for 3M+ focused players. Revans/GAS preferred.
    Light/Dark side GEO
    Raids all heroic with 24 Hour join time. 8PM EST.
    -Participate in all TB
    -Contribute on offense and defense in TW
    -600 daily tickets
    *Discord required*
    Contact: Azz
    Ally Code: 439-823-278
    Discord: @Azzkicker#0952
  • BloodDrive

    We are an active guild of mostly FTP that have families, jobs, and other demands. We are looking for like minded individuals who share a love of Star Wars and want to enjoy the game THEIR way. We won’t mandate you ever gear up a certain team or group!!!

    Running all Heroic raids.
    Average 16-17 stars in Separatists TB. Please be active and above 2 Million GP.
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    Strive for unlimited power in the Council of Dark Elders:

    Guild GP - 125 mil. DS Geo - 8-10 Stars, 1-3 Wat shards and improving. LS Hoth - 33 Stars. Simulated HPit, and HTank & HSith

    - We're not completely casual, but we are
    not a hardcore guild either.
    - We like to help build our guild
    - We welcome players who are developing

    What we're looking for:

    - GP: Preferably 1.5 + Million (Lower GP will still
    be considered based on Roster)
    - Tickets: 400+ daily
    - TB: Participation is mandatory. Engage in
    platoons/CM/mass deployment when your
    support is needed
    - TW: Registration is optional, but must
    participate fully if registering. Must follow plans
    laid out for defense deployment/attacking.
    - We are still okay with one or two misses in
    guild contributions here and there.
    - Lack of participation for 7 days without
    notification = removal
    - Must have profile
    - Discord highly recommend
    - Follow orders from officers! Continued
    disregard has repercussions.
    - Do at least the minimum asked and
    have a blast.

    Raid Schedule: (Subject to change)
    All raids launched half hour after guild reset.

    HPit: 24 Join period
    Raid Simmed (guaranteed 10 Han shards
    and gear for everyone)

    HTank: 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    HSith : 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    Let's grow into a force to be reckoned with!!

    Discord recruitment:
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    Cobra Caw Patroll is a casual, laid back, active guild whose goal is to provide access to end game content without the stress of hardcore TW(However our relationship with CAW provides opportunities for more growth and competition). Our goal is support and encourage participation in all game modes to receive the best rewards possible but also make sure the game isn't a chore. Caw gives us a continuum of guilds to support you today and tomorrow if your needs from the game ever change.

    600 are required to be in by 8:00pm EST everyday
    Raid times are 10pm EST For Rancor, HAAT and HST rotate on their own schedules of 3pm and 10pm EST
    Wat shards are completed by all members
    KAM will Improve with CAW
    Stars are 31 DSTB and 22 LSTB

    Nasudia#1101 for more details!
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  • ooftzsd1c687.png
    • Stable, friendly, fun and tight-knit
    • Flexible around your real life
    • TW Domination!
    • Full Heroic
    • HAAT: 9p UTC, 5p Eastern
    • HSTR: 8p UTC, 4p Eastern
    • 155M GP (46/50, recruiting three spots)
    • Geo DS 19* ,, 30+ Wat Shards
    • Hoth LS 42* ,, 35+ ROLO Shards
    • 3M+ GP (exceptions made case-by-case)
    • 500+ daily raid tickets
    • Discord
    • Full participation in TB
    • TW participation encouraged, if you join TW then participation is required
    • Developed or developing Geonosians
    • Communicate when real life pops up and gets in the way
    In-game contacts:
    • 481-283-992 boet
    • 344-834-387 babiirosiie
    • 498-389-642 iambicknick
    • 813-214-783 smithmat
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    **Do you want to be in a great guild, but you don’t want SWGOH to feel like you have a second job? Want 30* rewards in Geo DS and 15* Geo LS? We’re a competitive guild, with active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements, since real life comes first.

    We’re looking for someone who is at least 3 million GP, is a daily player, has a high concentration of g12s with some g13s and is committed to improving their roster. **

    Adult Gaming is recruiting. We're a Heroic Sith guild that is team-focused, with active leadership. We’re competitively, but we understand real life comes first and that the game should not feel like a second job. We’re looking for active players that participate in all events and are committed to improving their rosters.

    -We run only Heroic Raids.
    -All Raids are 24hrs no damage. Haat launches at 8pm Eastern and is FFA, Sith launches at 9pm Eastern and is also FFA. Rancor raid launches at 7pm Eastern and is on sim.
    -TW: We have a pretty good win streak going. People who prefer not to attack are asked to deploy their roster on defence, those who like attacking keep their rosters for defence.
    -We have a Line chat we encourage people to join, but it's not mandatory.
    -We ask that players do a minimum of 450 daily raid tickets, but we don't boot people out because real life gets in the way and they might have low tickets sometimes.
    -Our Galactic Power is at 259 million.

    -We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. You won't get booted if you're away on vacation, just let us know.
    -We're team-focused, with veterans who are happy to give advice and stable leadership.


    -Must be level 85 and minimum 3 million total roster galactic power and a high concentration of g12 toons and a few g13s.

    If you're interested please send me an ally request in the game and DM me. My Ally Code is 383-247-961 (PadmeSkywalker).


    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 261m

    Geo LSTB: 18/36 (5+ KAM Shards)
    Geo DSTB: 31/33 (40+ Wat Shards)
    Hoth LSTB: 45/45
    Hoth DSTB: 48/48

    HPIT: 8pm BST (on sim)
    HAAT: 9pm BST (on farm)
    HSTR: 10pm BST (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    The Brōtherhood of Darkness is a fully heroic independent guild focussed on Geonosian Territory Battles and Territory Wars. We are now recruiting players with a minimum GP of 5m, preferably with a Galactic Legend, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested.
  • Hey there! Looking for an active, yet casual guild?We're both! Come join Wolves of Utapau

    45 members, 68 mil GP
    I'm the recruiter for the guild, Din Fin. 594-628-429

    We have discord, but only some people use it to share different resources and such. Not a requirement at all.

    H pit, H tank, and r6 sith raid are all on auto launch with a 24 he join period for pit and tank. Launch at 12:30am UTC. Or 8:30pm EST.

    People are pretty active with getting 600 tickets so we get around 23-24k per day. This means pit every three days and tank every 4. I hope my math is right on that.

    Seems like we win most TW and try and coordinate, but we don't win all. In TB we are getting mk2 tokens with maybe 23-25 stars in both.

    Typically if you're inactive for a week, we boot you. But if you let us know, we'll wait for a while. No ticket requirements, but most get 600 every day.
    Our biggest rule is have fun and encourage each other. We talk a decent amount about advice, suggestions, and progress. Everyone is extremely cool and we have zero drama. Don't want to talk? That's totally fine. Want to talk a lot? Totally fine.

    Looking for minimum 1 mil gp players to help us move towards heroic sith raid. We're getting close. However GP is not a hard cap, just send us a message.

    We're just a good and fun group of folks that like star wars. We have fun, we're laid back, and help each other. Wide range of members from 4.5mil GP to under a million.

    LeadersThatDontLeave is 233M GP with several open spots.


    5M+ GP
    TB-focused roster
    GL or working towards
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 6:30pm Eastern.

    30 :star: in DS Geo TB | 41 Wat shards
    17 :star: in LS Geo TB | 7 KAM shards

    [^ full guild numbers]

    All raid are on farm with a 24 hour join period.

    Pit is simmed starting at 7:30pm Eastern
    HAAT is free-for-all and starts at 12:00pm Eastern
    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
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    Order of the Wookie is recruiting!
    Recently had some merge players leave to reform their old guild, so we have some vacancy.
    We're pretty casual, all we ask,
    Please use Discord
    have a profile,
    and participate in tb/and tw.
    Pretty tight knit group of core players, looking to keep things going and have fun!
    Feel free to message on discord with any questions!
  • Blasters Over Sabers is looking for 3 Active players. We are an active, growing guild with the only requirement being that you stay active. No discord required.

    Our link -

    Here are the details:
    Just under 130million GP
    All Heroic Raids
    Minimum 2million GP to join
    If you sign up for a TW, you have to participate
    Server resets at 5:30 EST
    Social group with active players, lots of donations
    Earn zeta every TW, even when we lose
    ~30 starts in Hoth TB, ~5-10 starts in GB TB

    send message to leader VTJed if interested - ally code 829-146-197
  • Australian guild 168mil. We are looking for 10 players had some people drop off unfortunately we are active but we understand if you have a life. We get 20 stars when full in ds tb. 8 in ls tb. We are looking to make that push for more rewards. Should have bugs ready or at least close for wat shards. Hit me up on discord at jabba #7490
  • Currently looking for 6 players.
    Accounts from 2 mil gp and above would also be considered.
    Raids take place at 9 p.m. UCT.
    Contact me on discord: OpticZhoom#6465

  • Belgian Rebels Advanced is looking for 15 extra players.

    We have 95M guild power. We do hpit on Sim, hsith and haat raids several times a week.

    Minimum requirements are: level 85, 1M galactic power, discord and swgoh, daily active and doing guild events.

    Contact us on discord/343ePAn

  • 170M+ Guild looking for active Members!
    Womps Rats and Nerf Herrera
    Our average GP/ Members is high
    37/50 Members
    We start raids everytime we have the currency for !
    Raids start at 10 P.M. eastern Time
    We are a really friendly guild and would gladly welcome some New Members!
    We are winning 90% of TW
    And have some really descent numbers during TB

    Join Womp Rats and Nerf Herders!

    My ally code is 816-815-546

    We are playing this game since a really long time and are wishing to help you out!

    Minimum 2M gp required

    You can take a look at pour guild here and see we have really powerfull Members here:

    LeadersThatDontLeave is 228M GP with several open spots.


    5M+ GP
    TB-focused roster
    GL or working towards
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 6:30pm Eastern.

    30 :star: in DS Geo TB | 41 Wat shards
    17 :star: in LS Geo TB | 7 KAM shards

    [^ full guild numbers]

    All raid are on farm with a 24 hour join period.

    Pit is simmed starting at 7:30pm Eastern
    HAAT is free-for-all and starts at 12:00pm Eastern
    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
    Chairborne Rangers
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for up to 12 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it and must produce 10 waves.


    Must be active - daily players only
    Must be at minimum level 85
    Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    Must have account

    Here's our rules...

    Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...

    For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
    For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).

    Geo DSTB: we get about 24 stars, 18 WAT shards
    Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars (doing Hoth for now to get GET1)
    Hoth LSTB: we get about 42 stars (currently focus)
    HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)

    Discord is optional - rated PG :)

    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
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      235+ Mio GM | GeoTS 27*/12*| H-Raids | Beitritt ab 2 Mio GM bei passenden Roster möglich
        Anarchic Fireworld sucht aktive Spieler!

          alle Raids heroisch, mit Registrierungsphase, Start 21 Uhr
            beim GeoTS wird rege Teilnahme erwartet, DSGeo 27*/WAT Splitter, LSGeo 12*/KAM Splitter
              bei TK-Anmeldung ist Aktivität Pflicht
       und Discord sind wünschenswert

                Bei Interesse Nachricht an: Sternkrieger 214-263-197

                Hardcore but chill guild. Smart and friendly players. No ticket requirement but most people play multiple times a day. (~25,000 tickets/day). We don't add pressure or rules or anything.

                About Rebel Treaders:
                - 222M GP guild with 48/50 slots filled
                - Geo TBs: Dark Side 26* (24 Wats) // Light Side 12* (a KAM shard or two here and there but working on it...)
                - 75% TW wins
                - HAAT and Rancor and HSTR are on farm with a 24 hour join period beginning at 6pm CST.
                - Responsive and engaged leadership
                Our guild is looking for two fresh recruits! We’re a casual guild but focuses on helping each other grow and unlock new content. Active leadership, but we get that real life comes first. We're looking to find active players who engage with their guild-mates, participate in all guild activities, and work towards improving their roster to help the guild as a whole. Play however you want! We promise to add no stress to the game, just fun!

                Our Requirements:
                - 4.0M GP (or focused roster)
                - Full participation in guild activities
                - Communication if you'll be away from the game or miss events
                Contact me here or in game: ally code: 562-239-236. We may look full right now, but we'll move out some alts to make room.
              • Guild Name: Galactic Rebels
                ALLY CODE: 762-787-361 (MBS)
                We are a 246mil guild that has been around for a while now. We recently lost 2 members due to nonparticipation. We are now looking to fill this spot with someone that is active and 4 Million minimum GP. Being able to get WAT shards is a must.
                We have several things to offer you:
                - All heroic raids on rotation: simmed hpit; 1 team, no damage cap for haat, and ffa hstr
                - An awesome group of people who are happy to answer questions or give donations (half the guild has 500+ donations) out of the goodness of their hearts
                -A solid team for tw (80% win rate)
                DS Geo TB 27*, 30+ Wat shards and growing.
                LS GEO TB 13*, close to 14*
                We are a US based guild, however, we have a couple of international members. Our raids start at 12:30am utc but the 24h join period we have in place helps ensure everyone gets some sort of reward.
                In terms of the culture our great members have created, we are a casual but competitive guild. If you're p2p, great! If you're f2p, also great! As long as you like staying competitive, we would love to have you!
                We have a discord channel but it is not a requirement. We don't feel a need to make a third-party app required just to enjoy this game which is why we communicate through game chat. That said, we ask that you check guild chat, a separate coordination chat, and the announcements before making any decisions in guild-based events! As an example of how cooperative and coordinated our members are, despite not using a third party app, we manage tb/tw and hst when we were first trying it this way with little to no problems.
                We are currently looking to recruit 2 new members. If anyone has any questions regarding our guild, please don't hesitate to let me know. We also now have a discord channel so join if you'd like to see what we have to offer. Thank you for reading!
              • The Republic Dathomir


                Dathomir, proud member of the Republic Alliance, is looking for a few new dedicated players! We are an easy going group where you dont have to worry about others pulling their weight.

                What we offer:
                ⁃ GeoTB Focused Guild; 30 stars in DS. 19 stars in LS.
                ⁃ 280+mil GP Guild brings top rewards in TW
                ⁃ Veteran Officers and Leadership always willing and able to help guide and direct players

                Predominantly EU guild
                Guild reset is 0:30 UTC / 19:30 EST
                Raid times of 20:00 UTC / 15:00 EST

                What we look for in a New Recruit:
                ⁃ Semi-Hard Core players focused on new and upcoming content
                ⁃ Daily Discord and in-game activity
                ⁃ Participation in all Raids and Guild Events
                ⁃ In possession of or focused on High-Gear Squads required for TW Defense/Offense and Geo TB missions

                Stop by the Republic Recruiting server and tell them Dathomir sent you, or contact us directly on Discord: TK421#9413 or KCrocks (Dathomir)#1825

                Find the guild you are looking for.
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                I'm Lowynn (one of the officers in the guild SithAndTwisted 66). We are currently looking for 2 players to fill our ranks.

                Guild Info:

                1) 125 million GP
                2) Our guild is based on the E.S.T.
                3) Our raids typically start at 6:00 p.m.
                4) Heroic Pit Raid is "simmed," HAAT & HSTR are on "farm status"
                5) LS Hoth = 31-34 Stars, DS Hoth = 31-34 Stars,
                DS Geo = 8-10 Stars (working towards Wat shards)


                1) 300 Raid Tickets per day minimum
                2) Discord is mandatory
                3) After joining our Discord Server register with Echobase and obtain your Discord role
                4) Your game profile must be registered with
                5) Familiarize yourself with our guild rules and raid info, and
                6) Participation in TB's & TW's is required

                We understand that real life takes precedence over SWGoH, just inform an officer or post a message in our "absence channel" in Discord if you are unable to attend/particpate for an extended period of time.

                Last but not least, if you apply to our guild, I will respond to your application in SWGoH as quickly as I can.

                My Ally Code:. 574-736-462
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              • The Zefiro still have one spot open for this TB on Geonosis! 30*, plenty of Wat shards. Scored 16* last LS Geo, hoping for 17 next time or two.

                Fresh off another win in TW, we are based in East US timezone, hitting raids around 8:15p.


                Fun, active group, will not micromanage your game. All we ask is participation, communication, and following the game-plan in events like TW (joining a War is optional, but members who do are expected to follow the plan).

                Please have at least 5m GP to inquire...can have a bit less if you have one or more GLs.

                Contact DocDoom#3475 on Discord to discuss!
                Anarchy Empire (Part of the Villians Alliance) is looking competitive members who want to continue to progress while enjoying the game. We’ve been around for over 3 years as a guild and have many long time members from US and Europe. We are highly active and competitive, but we don’t have any of the forced requirements. We are a friendly/helpful guild of active players.
                We are 227mil gp
                Guild Details:
                -HPit- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period) @10pm est
                -HAAT- 3x’s a week (24 hour join period)@10pm est
                -HSTR- 2x’s a week (24 hour join period- Rotating mornings and evenings for different time zones, we rotate 10pm est and 12pm est)
                -We have well over 70 wins as a guild- great win percentage!
                -Dark Side Geo 26stars (25+WAT shards)
                -Light Side Geo 11stars (4+KAM w/11 trying for KAM shards)
                Looking for:
                1) 4mil+ gp (definitely consider lower with focused rosters)
                2) discord and .gg page
                3) Geo Tb Teams
                4) Full TB and TW participation
                5) 600 tickets highly encouraged but not enforced- our members enjoy the game so most are getting it.
                6) active, talkative and friendly people

                Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

                If interested you can message me here, ingame @ ally code: 728-164-266 or on discord @ Squalo#4613 Thanks for considering us!
                Edge of aggression is a fun and friendly guild looking for new members to progress Geno TB.
                We farm HSTR at least once per week so welcome anybody who wants Traya shards as well.
                The guild has a friendly and positive attitude which helps us to grow and have fun whilst progressing in content.
                We have a few remaining open spots for people who wish to play with us so if EOA sounds like a place that you would fit then please come and join us.
                Guild Stats:
                Currently 46/50 members
                HPIT's (simmed), HAAT’s and HSTR regularly on farm
                HOTH: 40 stars
                Geno: 18 Stars
                Player Requirements:
                500 Daily tickets (600 preferred) but we understand real life
                Active in HSTR & Geno
                TW’s are not mandatory, but if you join then participation is
                1.5M GP and upwards
                Positive attitude
                If you are interested please DM me or contact me in game, and May the Force be With You!
                Discord: Seanie#3388
                Ally Code: 772-854-195
              • The Force of Madness is currently looking for 1 new player. We have 253 mil gp and are mainly an Australian based guild, but have quite a few international members.

                We are attempting both Geo TBs and getting 27* in DS & 12* LS (very close to getting 14* is LS Geo)

                Raid times are 8pm AEST
                Our requirements are:
                - 4 mil gp
                - active daily
                - participate in guild events

                If interested, please either message here or in game. My ally code is 871 883 268

                Cheers Coco

                LeadersThatDontLeave is 234M GP with several open spots.


                5M+ GP
                TB-focused roster
                GL or working towards
                600 raid tickets/day
                Active discord
                SWGOH.GG profile

                Guild reset time is 6:30pm Eastern.

                30 :star: in DS Geo TB | 41 Wat shards
                17 :star: in LS Geo TB | 7 KAM shards

                [^ full guild numbers]

                All raid are on farm with a 24 hour join period.

                Pit is simmed starting at 7:30pm Eastern
                HAAT is free-for-all and starts at 12:00pm Eastern
                HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

                If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord

                "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
              • Looking for a guild that likes to have fun while still being competitive? Looking for a guild that does all heroic raids, is going after Wat Tambor shards, and is pursuing GAS and all the Galactic Legends? Then our guild is for you!

                Guild Name: Krath Battalion

                SWGOH.GG Profile:

                Discord: We have one, but prefer to only invite once you're part of the guild. We're trying to get more active on there, too!

                Guild GP: 200 million (with 48 members)

                Raids: hPIT sim (join period at 5:30 PM EST, sims 12 hours later), hAAT join period at 9 AM EST, opens 12 hours later), hSTR (usually clear in a few hours, join period at 6 AM EST, opens 12 hours later)

                Territory Battles: Consistently get 20 stars in DS Geo TB and 9 stars in LS Geo TB!

                Requirements: We like to have fun and encourage each other in this guild! We're pushing to get as many accounts with DR, Malak, and GAS, and we're also pushing for the Galactic Legends too (we now have at least 3 members with at least one GL). We don't have a strict GP requirement, but at least 1.5-2.0 million or above would be preferred. Obviously, a strong roster is preferable to a bloated GP, so if you have a good roster of meta-relevant toons (specifically ones to help with the Geo TBs), we'd love to have you!

                Contact: You can message me on here if interested or reach out to me in the game. My ally code is 314-991-564.

                Look forward to hearing from you soon!
                NoseComplaint, Krath Battalion Leader
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