Active Guilds Looking For Players - Late October/November 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Hey there! Looking for an active, yet casual guild?We're both! Come join Wolves of Utapau

    43 members, 60 mil GP
    I'm the recruiter for the guild, Din Fin. 594-628-429

    We have discord, but only some people use it to share different resources and such. Not a requirement at all.

    H pit, H tank, and r6 sith raid are all on auto launch with a 24 he join period for pit and tank. Launch at 12:30am UTC. Or 8:30pm EST.

    People are pretty active with getting 600 tickets so we get around 23-24k per day. This means pit every three days and tank every 4. I hope my math is right on that.

    Seems like we win most TW and try and coordinate, but we don't win all. In TB we are getting mk2 tokens with maybe 23/24 stars in both.

    Typically I'd you're inactive for a week, we boot you. But if you let us know, we'll wait for a while. No ticket requirements, but most get 600 every day.
    Our biggest rule is have fun and encourage each other. We talk a decent amount about advice, suggestions, and progress. Everyone is extremely cool and we have zero drama. Don't want to talk? That's totally fine. Want to talk a lot? Totally fine.

    Looking for minimum 1 mil gp players to help us move towards heroic sith raid. We're getting close.

    We're just a good and fun group of folks that like star wars. We have fun, we're laid back, and help each other. Wide range of members from 4.5mil GP to under a million.
  • LCS
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    UK 233m GP Guild looking for active players.

    No Discord or 3rd party chat apps required - quiet, shy? Doesn't matter to us. No force farming or barking out instructions every minute, we trust our players to contribute during the day and in the time that suits them, as long as we know you're active.

    26 DS stars and 12 LS.

    TW - Great 2020 winning record (probably around 90% win record this year)

    All raids with 24 hr join periods for guaranteed rewards - when battle commences, do as little or as much damage as you want.
    Pit simmed, HSTR and HAAT 8 and 9pm GMT respectively.

    Contact me if interested with your SWGOH.GG profile. Willing to accommodate larger groups as well (10+ etc)
    so drop me a message if there are any questions.
  • Ewokolypse Ascension is Recruiting

    • 210 + million GP
    • Guild Reset: 6:30 PM / 7:30 PM Pacific Time
    • 26 star DS Geo Territory Battles
    • 12 star LS Geo
    •45 star LS / 44 star DS Hoth Territory
    • HPIT sim enabled
    • HAAT 11:00 AM Central Time
    • HSTR 12:00 PM Central Time
    •2 GL Rey
    •4 GL Kylo

    • 3.5 million + GP or a focused roster
    • Participation in TW/TB, 600 daily tickets, and growth expected

    For more information, contact Line ID ,“Kato27$”, or “Gonere” on Line", “Obi-wan Mahomie#8559”, or “Gonere#1949” on Discord; join our Discord server; and feel free to check out our profile.
    Recruiter ally code 642-991-487
  • The Republic Dathomir

    Dathomir, proud member of the Republic Alliance, is looking for a few new dedicated players! We are an easy going group where you dont have to worry about others pulling their weight.

    What we offer:
    ⁃ GeoTB Focused Guild; 30 stars in DS. 17 stars in LS.
    ⁃ 278mil GP Guild brings top rewards in TW
    ⁃ Veteran Officers and Leadership always willing and able to help guide and direct players

    Predominantly EU guild
    Guild reset is 0:30 UTC / 19:30 EST
    Raid times of 20:00 UTC / 15:00 EST

    What we look for in a New Recruit:
    ⁃ Semi-Hard Core players focused on new and upcoming content
    ⁃ Daily Discord and in-game activity
    ⁃ Participation in all Raids and Guild Events
    ⁃ In possession of or focused on High-Gear Squads required for TW Defense/Offense and Geo TB missions

    Stop by the Republic Recruiting server and tell them Dathomir sent you, or contact us directly on Discord: TK421#9413 or KCrocks (Dathomir)#1825

    Find the guild you are looking for.

  • Guild name: AXT.
    Guild GP: 65 mill approximately.

    Hello there, my name is Wonbong, and I am part of the fantastic guild AXT. We are friendly guild growing at a decent pace, who hope to meet new aspiring players.

    Why should you join us?
    1. We do FULL HEROIC (Yes HSITH as well). HAAT and HPIT is done solo by the guild, and HSITH is done with the help of mercs, so not done during TB.
    2. We have a good TW record, I have lost 4 since I joined in April.
    3. We do Hoth TB with steady increase in stars every TB. Best results currently is: 27 hoth ls, 24 hoth ds
    4. We have experienced players who can help you, but also other "padawans". We don't expect you to know everything and we would love to help you progress.

    HAAT and HPIT is 7:30 pm CEST with 24h join.
    HSITH is 9:30 pm CEST with 1h join, and 12h pause at p4.

    So as for every guild there is of course some requirements, here is ours.
    1. 1 mill GP (or about there, we do value good communication and friendliness above)
    2. 400 daily raid tickets
    3. Participation in events.
    4. Discord mandatory.

    We understand that it is difficult to find the guild name from the in-game guild search, therefore please message me in game (ally code 623-818-967) so that I may invite you directly to the guild - saving you all the hassle!!

    My allycode is: 623-818-967
    Guild SWGOH.GG:
    Guild discord:
    Discord: Wonbong#5562

    I hope to hear from upcoming Jedis or Siths :wink: I'd also glady answer any other questions.

    LeadersThatDontLeave is 271M GP with two open spots.


    5M+ GP
    TB-focused roster
    GL or working towards
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 7:30pm Eastern.

    31 :star: in DS Geo TB | 47 Wat shards
    17 :star: in LS Geo TB | 7 KAM shards

    Close to the next star for both!

    All raid are on farm with a 24 hour join period.

    Pit is simmed starting at 7:30pm Eastern
    HAAT is free-for-all and starts at 12:00pm Eastern
    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord.
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
  • We are in need of good, fairly active players who like to have fun, but also like to participate. This could be you!

    Guild Name: Lingsters Rogues

    Current GP: 122 M

    General requirements:

    - No 5 day inactives
    - Participate daily, try to get all raid tickets
    - Participate in all events
    - NO MOL ELIZAS :smile:
    - RL takes precedence. Communicate with guild leaders, and no one will boot you for RL situations. We are all humans. :smile:

    We can do all heroic raids easily, so lots of shards if you want them.

    We need about 10-15 players. 1 mil GP min preferred, but willing to make exceptions if you're close.

    DM me here or in the app if interested! My ally code: 936-642-532
  • Lowynn
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    I'm Lowynn (one of the officers in the guild SithandTwisted66). We are currently looking for 4 players to fill our ranks.

    Guild Info:

    1) 118 million GP and climbing
    2) Our guild is based upon the E.S.T.
    3) Our raids typically start at 6:00 p.m.
    4) Heroic Pit Raid is "simmed," HAAT & HSTR are on "farm status"
    5) LS Hoth = 31-32 Stars, DS Hoth = 31-32 Stars,
    DS Geo = 8-10 Stars (working towards Wat shards)


    1) 1.5 million GP (minimum)
    2) Must use Discord
    3) Must register your game account with
    4) Must register with Echobase after joining Discordand obtain your Discord role
    5) Participation in TB's & TW's is required


    1) 300 Raid Tickets per day (minimum)
    2) Failure to earn 2,100 Raid Tickets for 2 consecutive weeks = removal
    3) 5 consecutive days of inactivity = removal (real life happens just inform an officer or post in our "absence channel" in Discord)
    4) 3 unreported/uncommunicated zeros in 1 week = removal (again just inform an officer or post in our "absence channel" in Discord)
    5) Please respond to "PM's" from other players and officers (this is our only form of communication, please be courteous and respond), if you fail to respond to 3 consecutive "PM's" = removal
    6) If you are going to request donations, reciprocate (or don't request gear at all)
    7) Attendance and participation is expected for TB's & TW's *there are other rules & raid information players should familiarize themselves with, but these are the most important rules overall*

    We understand that real life takes precedence over SWGoH, just inform an officer or post a message in our "absence channel" in Discord. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me in game (Ally Code is 574-736-462).

    Thank you,

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    Thank you, Already full.
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  • Mol_Baskin
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    Guild Name: DarthBiffBrigade

    We are friendly guild open to experienced and new players. We expect daily activity, but appreciate that real life happens. Our Discord is optional.

    Galactic Power is 129M. Our member GP ranges from 92K to 6.1M, so we have both new players and very experienced players.

    We do all Herioc raids, so Traya shards are available to all members.

    We are competitive in Territory Wars, winning a majority of our wars, and looking for players wanting to contribute.

    For Territory Battles, we alternate between the Hoth and Geonosis TBs. This provides fun for new players and opportunities for the more experienced players to earn Mk II Guild Event Tokens.

    We have zero open slots as of this edit, but feel free to contact me to get our current status.

    Contact Mol Baskin, 626-223-292, in game if you are interested.
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  • Mando Special Forces 501



    • 32 + million GP

    • Guild Reset: 6:00 PM / 6:00 PM Central Time

    • 12 star DS Hoth Territory


    • HPIT 9:00 PM Central Time
    • HAAT 9:00 PM Central Time
    • HSTR 9:00 PM Central Time


    • 1.5 million + GP or a focused roster

    • Active Participation in all events

    • Participation in TW/TB, 500-600 daily tickets

    For more information, contact ally code adal morfin 459-963-914 ( / androp 642-648-416 ( )
    Join us!

    We are a friendly guild trying to grow and tackle Geo TB with a core of dedicated players mainly in US.
    We are now looking for players to replace those who quit the game recently and trim on low/not dedicated members.
    We share and are ready to teach/help members to grow with the guild.
    We expect full participation in TB.
    We do not have daily raid ticket target but would really appreciate an average 400+ ticket per players.
    All the coordination happen through discord and we expect new players to join our server.

    ## RAID schedule
    HPIT (sim) 18:30 EST
    HAAT 18:30 EST
    HSTR 17:30 EST

    ## TB
    LS Hoth = 34star
    DS Geo = 10star

    TB participation mandatory
    TW optionnal but participate if you join
    Be respectful with other fellow members
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    Thank you, Already full.
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  • If you like to play but have a real life,
    if you are looking for both an active and friendly guild
    => you are welcome !

    Our guild: AlphaImperium (152M GP, 37/50)

    Heroic raids with 24 hours join period (PIT sim).
    Territory battles rotating between Hoth and Geonosis.

    Discord is not mandatory.
    Inactive players will be removed after 5 days (of course not in case of planned and reported absence)

    We expect:
    - Friendly attitude (be polite)
    - Daily activity
    - Participation to guild events
    - Respecting the guild rules
    - Players > 3M GP with good focus

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact me here (PM) or in game: Pantxo /my Ally Code: 983-279-545

    Both Jedis and Siths are welcome 🙂

    UnlImited Power 272m GP 28 DS Geo TB stars/ 14 LS Geo TB

    We're a casual independent guild for folks who like to play the game in a chill environment and we put family/work obligations ahead of game obligations. We don't have hardline rules like "you have to own a TW-ready Padme squad" or "you need to be able to be able to beat all special missions in TB".

    We run all raids heroic and both Geo TB's. We post TW teams on the map. Just do your best and that's good enough for us, no stress. We also only ask that for LS Geo TB you deploy. Many folks don't find those battles fun so if you are able to get a wave or two complete here and there that's great but if LS Geo TB isn't fun for you then just follow deployment instructions and you're gold.

    Our expectations boil down to:
    Let us know if you won't be participating in guild-wide game modes or getting 600 tickets in for more than a day at a time (our Discord server has a vacation channel just for this!)
    If you do join, follow the instructions. Our officers put a lot of effort into making sure TB/TW instructions are simple & easy to follow.

    -Discord required.

    We currently have 2 openings for 4.5m+ GP . We run all Heroic raids (Rancor on sim @ 6 pm PST, Tank @ 5 pm PST, Sith @ 6 pm PST), DS Geo TB (28 stars on the most recent run), and LS Geo TB (14 stars most recent, 36 Wat shards, 2 KAM shards.

    If you're tired of constantly chasing the meta, want to hang out in a guild that doesn't care if you have the shiniest toys, and love democracy and the republic, send a message to me (Discord- Mercedes Benz#5340 or Volnon#7807). Please use Discord to send a DM and not Swgoh forums since I don't check them as often.

    May The Force Be With You!
  • Untitled.jpg

    Praetorian Alliance is Recruiting!

    There was more courage in bearing trouble than in escaping from it; the brave and the energetic cling to hope, even in spite of fortune; the cowardly and the indolent are hurried by their fears...
    - Plotius Firmus, Roman Praetorian Guard
    How to Join
    1. Meet the Player Stats Minimum
      • 3.5M+ GP
    2. Link SWGOH Accout to SWGOH.GG
    3. Send a message in Discord to Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 with the following information
      • Discord Username
      • SWGOH.GG Ally Code URL
    4. Congratulations! You're now a member of a Praetorian Alliance!

    About Us
    Praetorian Alliance is an active, yet laid back guild. Great leadership and well organized. All mature players. Friendly and fun environment. Geo TB is our main emphasis and our rosters emphasize TB over TW. We are independent and offer access to substantial amount of information on all aspects of SWGOH to help improve your game and roster.
    • Guild Points: 223M at 48/50 B)
    • Time Zone: EST
    • Language: English
    We provide 24 hours notice of upcoming raids to allow our members plenty of time to join
    Start time is always 8pm EST for Pit and HAAT, 9pm EST for HSTR
    Run times are based on daily ticket contributions and are subject to change
    Currently runs 1-2 times each week
    Currently runs at least 2 times each week
    The Pit
    Currently runs about 3 times each week

    Territory Battles
    Best Score: 45*, LSGTB best score 11*
    Best Score: 25*

    Territory War
    As mentioned before, Territory War is not emphasized, but all guild members are expected to participate if they join.


    Rules & Regulations
    1. Join Guild Discord Server
    2. Daily Participation
      • 3 Day Grace Period
      • Send a message in appropriate Discord Channel if you will be away
    3. Guild Activities
      • Participation in both TB and TW
    4. Not enforced, but please attempt to get 600 daily raid tickets

    Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time. For any questions or concerns, please message Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 in Discord
  • mandosmudhorns.png

    We are basically a bunch of old school players who started a guild to have fun and help out newer players. We know all strategies for Raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars.
    We have a winning record in Territory Wars
    We are running ALL raids on Heroic. The Pit = Sim Enabled
    We have 1 spot and are looking for an active player above 1.5m GP or a focused roster.

    We are not a feeder guild and have no interest in merging with any other guild

    Please contact one of us in game or on Discord about joining
    Quaalude 842-821-529
    LPD777 448-382-117
    Miller’s chub 454-312-498

  • The Dark Acolytes

    We are a pretty relaxed 205m GP guild with most of us located in the US (Guild reset time is 8:30pm EST)

    We are looking for a couple active members that are 3M GP minimum and participate in TW as well as TB

    Geo DS TB- 26 stars and around 30 wat shards

    Geo LS TB- 12 stars currently 0 KAM shards

    Good TW W/L ratio

    You can either message me on here or on Discord if you're interested in joining.


    Guild Power: 230M GP

    Frequent Fighters is part of The Shattered Order Alliance.

    Guild Members: We are looking for active players that have a good GeoTB focused roster with a minimum of 4.5GP. We are part of a 14 guild alliance containing the people and resources to help you improve your swgoh experience. We are very active and expect each member to contribute in every phase of TB and each TW and get your 600.

    Raids: Heroic Rancor Themed Squads.
    Heroic AAT, Farm Status
    Heroic Sith Raid, Farm Status

    Territory Battles:
    (Geo) Dark Side: 28-31 Stars
    Light Side: 12-15 Stars

    Discord Link:
  • m140_9z39d3c14.jpg
      235+ Mio GM | GeoTS 26*/12*| H-Raids | Beitritt ab 2 Mio GM bei passenden Roster möglich
        Anarchic Fireworld sucht aktive Spieler!

          alle Raids heroisch, mit Registrierungsphase, Start 21 Uhr
            beim GeoTS wird rege Teilnahme erwartet, DSGeo 26*/WAT Splitter, LSGeo 12*/KAM Splitter
              bei TK-Anmeldung ist Aktivität Pflicht
       und Discord sind wünschenswert

                Bei Interesse Nachricht an: Sternkrieger 214-263-197
              • Anomiel
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                Jumpers 196m GP, 49/50

                an international guild with alot of danish guys in it.

                All Heroic a few times a week, with a 24 hour join period. Raid Lauch at 7PM UTC.

                Doing Dark Geo 19 * and Hoth 33/34 * .

                starting to win in tw, with our Gl's

                We have discord. Nice to have, not need to have.

                We are looking for a new member to our guild, that have some solid teams and can communicate. We expect you to participate in all guild events ( hoth and geo). While looking for 2.5mill+ Gp, its not a fixed thing, it depends on inflation of squad.

                Anomiel - 233-486-996
              • Hi everyone. We are the Wardawgs!
                We are a friendly, casual guild looking for active players to participate in territory wars and battles.
                We are casual with overall GP of 95mil and growing. We have participated in Territory Wars but at times are 1-2 short. We are looking for just a few members that actively play and contribute.
                Have a good mix of free to play and pay to play players. We have an even mix of level 85, veteran players, and new level 65+ people looking to improve. Players range from almost 3 million to 1 million. We have members across the global but mainly Europe.
                As we running HAAT members with 1 million GP minimum. preferred 7* character so you can atleast collect rewards from Hpit and HAAt!
                We run raids as often as possible.
                Just looking to have fun, but at the same time get coveted character shards.
                Will always try to get people on Raid Leaderboard before clearing.
                When doing Heroic raids, will always wait a certain amount of time before starting a raid.
                (time depends on how many people can hit high numbers)
                We clear Heroic Rancor as well as HAAT. Sith raid currently tier 6 but close to HEROIC just need a couple more stronger players
                Come join us in conquering the galaxy!
                If you're interested or have any questions, just drop me a message
                My ally code is 863-713-922
              • The Entforcers of Germany [German Guild but we also speak english (Yes we know it's written wrong)] Currently 41/50 Members

                Recruiter is me the Poster.

                We're a Guild that has 93Mil.GM.

                We're having very few rules:
                Don't be off for more than 12 days without telling an officer.
                Territory Wars has rules what GM the Teams must have in the fields. (Failure to listen results in a warning, 3 warnings results in a kick)

                As Raids we do Heroic Pit and Tank and are working on the heroic Sith raid (we get to Phase3).
                Every Raid has a 24H join period and those that have Han or Kenobi 7* very Rarely do those raids anymore so others can get them faster.

                Those Raids Start between 19:00(UTC+2 or 7PM) and 21:00(9PM) when we have the requiert tickets which is around every 4-5 days.

                Discord is optional.

                We do darkside Geo Territory Battles around 6* as well as both Hoth with both around 25*

                We don't force anyone to join in Territory wars.
                We however would like that everyone joins at least sometimes.

                Everyone can join since we don't have a GM minimum. You can build your Account up from scratch.
                We don't have any requierments on Characters but to get Raid rewards it would be best to have at least 1 7* character.

                We are a very open Guild and would like to have new people join us.

                Any Questions you may have, Send me a PM or ask me over Discord at Snowy Starfield#1189 and I try to answer them to the best of my abilities.
              • <<< SOLDIERS OF LIGHT >>> 211 mil GP International Guild Seeks New Colleagues


                Some of our colleagues have retired from the game. As such, we have a handful of spots for individuals (with 3mil GP and above) available. If you are someone who loves fighting the good fight and grinding in peace, ours is an active but not overbearing outfit.

                Here’s a current snapshot of our guild.

                GP: Currently 211 mil (46 members)

                LS Geo Territory Battle: 9-10 Stars

                DS Geo Territory Battle: 24-25*

                Raids: FFA, 1530hrs UTC+2 Start; Approximately 1x HSTR, 2x HAAT and 3x Simmed-HPIT Weekly

                Communications: In-game chat is recommended, Discord is optional

                Completing your dailies and raising 600 tickets is what you should strive for. We also highly value your participation in all guild events. Otherwise, we are a crew that is committed to being laid back, having fun and helping each other out! COME JOIN US AS A “SOLDIER OF LIGHT”.

                Questions? Contact:

                (UTC +2) UV in game, 573-466-911

                (UTC +8) KolonelKrappe here via PM or; on Discord, ColonelCrap#9545; in-game, 655-178-224
              • ucRHZ5c.jpg
                The Fìnal Order (with an ì that has a goofy point)
                227M GP with 46/50 filled
                4 SPOTS AVAILABLE!
                We are relaxed and fun focused but we are competitive as well. So don’t worry about being chastised for missing a day of tickets or anything like that. We are independent so don’t join an alliance and be stuck in a placement guild.
                Come join us, we will help you get Wat shards and grow faster than you would otherwise!

                Come on over and have fun in this game again.

                What we want:
                -At or about 3.5m or more
                -Daily 500-600 tokens please
                -guild event participation
                -discord chat and preferably acct
                -fun people

                About us:
                We are perfectly capable of doing all heroic raids.
                History of Geonosian Territory:
                GeoDS: 26 stars (39 Wat shards)
                GeoLS: 11-12 stars (no KAM shards yet, but soon)

                Honestly about 50% on TW.
                Hard to be a relaxed guild and win every time.

                Many of us have been together for years.
                So if you are disillusioned with your guild or just want a change of pace please send me an ally request:
                or hop onto our discord: cv7ztkK

                Hear from you soon, E
              • tdkijzt48ixz.png

                The Elite Rebel Squad, part of The Galen Initiative alliance, is looking for a few more players! We’ve got a few spots left. If you are not currently in a guild, or are unhappy with the guild you are in, we’re looking for you! If you are an active player that can participate in TBs and raids (TWs too, if you want), come join us!

                164-mil GP guild with a lot of friendly, helpful players. We’re made up of players with GPs between 5.5m and 2m. We run:

                Heroic Sith and Tank raids, simmed Pit raids (all raids have a 24-hour join window)
                Geo TB: DS at about 15 stars, and we’re getting Wat shards every time
                Geo TB: LS at about 6-7 stars, but we mostly focus on DS.
                TWs (optional)
                Our reset time is 8:30pm EST (UTC -4)

                We are casual but active. We have a very friendly group, with a lot of helpful players. We are always improving, and looking for players who want to improve with us.

                We have no spending requirements; we only ask two things:
                1. Be active!
                2. Consistently participate in the TBs and raids. We will run TWs as well, but those are optional.

                It’s pretty straightforward, really. Join a guild of friendly people that are not pushy or demanding, participate in the TBs and raids, get the loot, and improve your roster.

                If you’re interested in joining, you can message me through the forum, through our Discord server (, or in-game (ally code 252-477-693).

                Thanks for your time!
              • Hoths’sHeros

                140 mil GP guild looking for 1 member
                All heroic raids (Pit on sim)
                Active in TW & TB (Hoth LS, Geo DS)

                Great guild, mix of veteran and newer players.

                We only ask 2 things, participate in TB and let us know if you’ll be offline for a while.

                No ticket requirements.

                Discord is required.

                Ally code: 123-147-392
                Discord: Wellsdog#1059

              • __THE SENATE ΞKaminoΞ__
                We are a semi-competitive guild having fun and growing together. We are part of ΞTHE SENATEΞ alliance.
                We do all heroic raids, are TB focused, and are competitive at TW.

                __About Kamino__
                • 47 enthusiastic members helping each other having fun at the game
                • Guild GP: 98m+
                • Light Side Hoth TB: 25⭐
                • Dark Side Geo TB: 6⭐
                • All Heroic Raids:
                - Rancor: SIM 4pm EST
                - Tank: 5pm EST
                - Sith: 3pm EST

                __What we are looking for__
                • Active players looking to step into the next level of SWGOH
                • At least 500 daily tickets, participation in TB and in TW, if you sign up
                • Join our Discord-server and have a
                • >1.5GP

                __About ΞTHE SENATEΞ__
                • 15 independent guilds working together to make each guild stronger
                • No member feeding to higher guilds
                • Social discord server with a variety of players across all experience and gp levels

                *Do you want to be part a group of great friends in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?*
                Join ΞTHE SENATEΞ discord server and ask for Kamino
                Discord Link:
                Discord Contact: little8020#4934
              • Captain_Caveman1
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                We're a relaxed, but active guild that is looking for active players who:
                1. Are active daily
                2. Fully participate in Territory Battles
                3. If joins the Territory War will fully participate
                4. Gets 500+ raid tickets a day
                5. Joins our discord
                6. Has around 2 million GP

                Our GP is around 162 million. We're competitive in TW. We run DS and LS Geo TB with a vote every once in a while on LS for either Geo or Hoth. Our Raids are fully Heroic with a 24 hour sign up.
                2. DS Geo 18 stars plus 7 WAT shards and growing
                3. LS Geo 7 stars


                Contact me at
                Ally Code: 975 259 585
                Or on Discord at
              • Hey guys!
                Remnants of the **** Order, 231 mill GP Guild! Currently, Is looking for a few new players to replace some folks who will be quitting the game soon! (Please have at least 3.5mill GP+)

                We're a laid back Casual Competitive Guild!

                No u don't need to have Galactic Legends, but we do have members who do have them, or are still farming to get them! Whatever path ur taking(farming who ur farming) please continue to do so. We're not an elite guild, we like to win n collect awesome rewards along the way, but will never tell u what to farm! (It's a game lol)

                What We Have To Offer:👇🏽

                :All Heroic Raids (CST)
                :600min Tickets
                :TW Is Optional (Currently 90% Winning Streak)
                :LS Geo 10⭐ DS Geo 27⭐ (We will run LS Hoth here n there for folks wanting extra GET1 currency, Full ⭐) 20+ WAT shards) Working on getting KAM shards)
                :TB Is a must (We're a TB focused Guild)
                :We do use Discord, we have multiple channels for help from mods to GAC help and so on!
                :Respect Ur Guild Mates( We will not condone any kind of hate or disrespect in our guild)
                :We do love ppl with awesome personalities n a sense of humor tho, yea we're kind of goofy 😉
                :Overall Have Fun!

                If interested or have questions, please HMU👇🏽

                Discord handle: QueenMamaA#7246
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