Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - Late October/November 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST*

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If you are a NEWER PLAYER guild looking for players, post your ads here. A New Player guild is one that:
Is looking for players who are newer to the gamer
Should not really have minimum player level/GP and character requirements

No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.

Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.

Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.

Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.

Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your waitlist, more awesomeness, etc.

One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
Your guild name
Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
Anything else you feel is important for people to know




    68M GP

    SemiCasual Guild – No stringent character requirements. Expect active daily players to help grow the guild. We are a family friendly guild that helps each other grow.


    13 stars in LS Hoth, _15 stars is in DS Hoth

    What we want from you
    300 ticket/day average
    Participation TB. Participate in TW when joined
    Discord chat app profile
    Most of all let's enjoy the game together.

    invite link:
  • MargoSynto
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    Tired of guilds being designed for players who are years into the game? (even though they're supposedly entry level)? Tired of other beginner guilds having poor participation?

    We are too! We've started a new guild for newer players, where we aim to grow together. currently looking for players between level 65 to 85. Working on rancor LVL 6 and sith LVL 4. LOOKING FOR BRAND NEW PLAYERS - OR SECOND ACCOUNT PLAYERS.


    Ally Code: 888-469-349

    Oct 28 Update: Only 3 spots left!. We have a very active Discord community that we've built. Honest quote from one of our LVL 65 members "thank god I found this guild" :). Feel free to message me in game, or just search up and join our guild! It's built for players like you. (Players have said that they need to refresh guild search in-order to find us - FYI).

    EA guild search can be difficult You can just add me as a friend so that I can invite you to the guild! :) , Or try a boolean search for the guild name if it doesn't come up: Milky AND Way AND Empire

    You can also add one of our fellow officers/guild mentors 775-412-999

    Please note that Discord is required for our members, as we use it for coordinating Territory battles and wars (guild events). A lot of our members are first time discord users and they've told me numerous times how thankful they are now for it.
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  • ORDR 66 victims is an alliance guild for ORDR 66 survivors (162M GP)

    We are a new and small guild for players who want to learn, grow, and move up when the time is right. We are looking for players of any level that are active and interested in joining.

    You'll have the opportunity to have allies from higher GP players that will help in completed battles. There will be plenty of experienced players that can help and guide.

    We currently have a low number of people, so we don't get the raid tickets needed to do raids as often as we'd like.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to following ally codes:
    264-387-193 and 891-218-587

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • WookiesAndMilk has existed ever since guilds were first introduced and we're always seeking to improve both individually and as a guild, which means we are always on the lookout for active players. We are a highly communicative, positive vibes only guild. Happy to coach newer players and eager to learn from experienced veterans.

    About us:

    • Daily players with rosters of all shapes and sizes

    • Heroic Pit and Tank raids, T6 Sith raid.

    • Running Hoth TB with advanced strategies

    • Discord server for discussing gameplay strategy and mechanics everyday. Discord use is highly recommended

    • Our .gg:

    What we're looking for:

    •Active players, no roster or gp requirements

    Inactive players will be booted after 4 days of inactivity unless guild officers have been notified of absence

    If you have any questions just join and ask!
    Alternatively, you can also message me on Discord, Crow#7561
  • TheOrderOfTheCantedCircle is a brand new Guild looking for early/mid game players.

    All are welcome to join, we are a relaxed and friendly looking for casual, but active members. As a brand new guild, we're still exploring with ways to improve but we offer a fun, relaxed environment, extensive game knowledge and helpful guidance if requested.

    Currently, we only have a handful of members.

    What we're looking for:
    - Active, casual players
    - 500k GP and at least 2 6* teams to participate in raids is recommended but not required
    - 200+ raid tickets/day + guild event participation to the best of your ability.

    - 6/7* Pit
    - 5* Sith
    - Normal AAT

    Discord is available but not required.
  • gbcdi2n20z4a.jpg

    Any other questions, feel free to contact me in game using the ally codes bellow

    Baelyn 867-817-941
    BaelynLeighton 529-649-822
    AnakinCorey 183-552-999
  • vlj8jjfjj76z.gif

    Looking for active daily players?
    Starting a new guild?
    Lacking officers?
    Looking for a merger?
    Looking for a more stable guild?
    Looking for a robust discord?
    Have a guild looking for an Alliance to support it?
    We can negotiate mergers and small groups looking to remain in the same guild.

    Check out our discord

    We are an Alliance of 8 guilds.

    Our guilds are listed below:
    Each guild has their own rules and minimums.
    All guilds require and discord.

    • Struggle

    ▪Darth Metal

    ▪The Young Apprentices

    ▪Imperial Attaché

    •Rockin' Padawans

    •The Phantom Troupe

    •Shadows and Assassins

    •The Appointed Order

  • Are you BRAND NEW to the game and wanna advance a bit faster? Or just enjoy and talk about Star Wars like the fans you are? Then you’ve come to the right place! Join my buddy Cody and I in “CruzNCodys Guild Bananza” where we are here to help the newest of players! No player level required and is open to all! I wanted to start a guild from the ground up to get my buddy Cody to where he wants to be! And he wants you to join too! Advance through all those first tedious levels so you can build your elite team sooner than ever!

    Feel free to message Cody or myself about any questions you have!

    Cruzer Bruiser: 655-291-663

    Caillou (aka Cody): 928-235-765

    Guild: CruzNCodys Guild Bananza
    (Trust us, it’s gonna be a blast)

  • Artsjammin
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    Malachor Mercs

    New guild - going to be running all heroic raids once we have the tickets. Need 20-35 new players or who can get tickets and farm up 1 7* toon ASAP for all heroic rewards.

    Raid times will rotate some, but most will start around 10pm us eastern, then mercs will finish at 1am so a few hours to join and other rotation mercs will wait to hit at 8am the next morning so 10 hours to join

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  • The pheenix knights 121m gp 40/50 members

    We are an active guild here who are very friendly an just enjoy playing this game together we do light side hoth and dark side geo.
    Sim pit raid an hopefully sim tank too when it’s released.
    Heroic sith raid.
    Win most tb have a lot of high level players in the guild to help the lower

    Looking for any player that’s level 85

    Add me 634-525-582
  • Bad Batch Cadets

    We are looking for active players of any level and GP to fill our ranks!
    1. Contribute your 600 daily raid tickets!
    2. Contribute to all game modes as much as possible ex. (TB, TW, and Raids.)
    3. Follow/ obey all in-game commands/ communications
    4. Expand your roster how you want!
    * Raids are TBD and will change as we grow
    * Discord is strongly encouraged but NOT mandatory
    * accounts are encouraged but NOT mandatory
    Here is a link to our discord server should you wish to join.
  • ErPåPaus

    We are a newly started guild with focus on helping players in all levels. We are doing raids from early levels to help you get your gear as you progress in the game.

    We want to recruit more players to enable us to getting more raid tickets, and our only demand is that you are active and generate some daily tickets.

    If you have any question, contact:

    Mol Eliza - 287-656-163

    Guildname: ErPåPaus
  • phQQner.jpg
    Potentium Padawans is an introductory guild in a 6 guild alliance (The Potentium Order). We have a 7 day inactivity standard. Any member who is inactive for more than 7 days (without notice) is eligible to be replaced but most members play daily. We are running strictly Heroic Pit, HAAT and Tier 4-6 Sith raids with US CST/EST evening raid times. We qualifiy for and have a winning record in Territory Wars.

    We have an alliance discord server full of friendly SWGoH veterans. Our alliance is based on member participation. Our most active guilds have heavier participation requirements (daily tickets, swgoh,gg) but if you're willing to adhere to them, there is opportunity to advance as you grow. I will post some links to more information and our discord server below. Feel free to come by the server and check us out before making any decision. You can find out more about our guilds and group mentality in #welcome there. We'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    May the Force be with you, always.
    Discord ID: SheaStyle#6965
  • Growing

    Starter guild just trying to enjoy the game together. Like you probably know it gets even more fun when things happen, so we are looking to expand.
    Running raids depending on what is needed for the members so that we can grow together.

    Got 15 active player already, so join in on the fun!

  • Grow your squads in the Council of Dark Elders:

    Guild GP - 125 mil. DS Geo - 8-10 Stars, 1-3 Wat shards and improving. LS Hoth - 33 Stars. Simulated HPit, and HTank & HSith

    - We're not completely casual, but we are
    not a hardcore guild either.
    - We like to help build our guild
    - We welcome players who are developing

    What we're looking for:

    - GP: Preferably 1.5 + Million (Lower GP will still
    be considered based on Roster)
    - Tickets: 400+ daily
    - TB: Participation is mandatory. Engage in
    platoons/CM/mass deployment when your
    support is needed
    - TW: Registration is optional, but must
    participate fully if registering. Must follow plans
    laid out for defense deployment/attacking.
    - We are still okay with one or two misses in
    guild contributions here and there.
    - Lack of participation for 7 days without
    notification = removal
    - Must have profile
    - Discord highly recommend
    - Follow orders from officers! Continued
    disregard has repercussions.
    - Do at least the minimum asked and
    have a blast.

    Raid Schedule: (Subject to change)
    All raids launched half hour after guild reset.

    HPit: 24 Join period
    Raid Simmed (guaranteed 10 Han shards
    and gear for everyone)

    HTank: 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    HSith : 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    Let's grow into a force to be reckoned with!!

    Ally code: 653-838-591
  • Hey everyone! Let me introduce Malevolence Omega Padawans. We are a casual group looking for active players of all shapes and sizes.

    This guild is currently targeted towards casual players who want a friendly new home to hang out in! As part of a larger alliance, there are many other excited and interested players to chat with if you want to get more serious about the game, grow as a community, or just hang out. We’ve created a friendly discord that goes way beyond the game and is a great spot to meet new people passionate about star wars and SWGOH.

    We are currently actively recruiting for our starter guild, MalevolenceOmegaPadawans. We are at 29million GP with 36/50 members. We get around 13-15 stars in TBs and run heroic tier Rancor and Tank raids regularly.
    We run Heroic sith raid every 2 weeks with the help of a few mercs and run tier 5s in between.

    We have 4 guilds in the alliance that are recruiting, so no matter what your GP/ activity levels we can find a place for you.

    Message me through discord @LACEY96_3 (OB1)#5291 or in game 448-939-462 to get more information if you are interested in joining!

    Or join the Malevolence Omega discord directly using the link below and one of the officers will get you sorted.
  • LoneIceWolf

    A new guild for solo players who are looking for a place to access Territory Battles and content a guild is needed for. No requirements. Just have fun.

    Contact Fenwolf78 in game with ally code 556-225-617 if you can't find the guild in the search or message me on discord at IceWolf78
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