We have a couple spots open for active players!

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Hello all! We have a few spots left to fill. We are looking for players, ideally around 3 mil gp or higher, to join our team!

If you’re currently in a guild that just isn’t getting it done, or you think you could (and should) do better, come join us! We’re active, full of participating players, and excited about the game. If you are, too, then this is the place for you!

We are a 210+ mil GP guild with a lot of friendly, helpful players. We’re not the biggest guild, but we don’t have crazy demands, either. We get the job done. We’re made up of players with GPs between 5.5m and 2m. We run:

Heroic Sith raids, simmed Pit and Tank raids, and we like to experiment with the new Pit Challenge raid (all raids have a 24-hour join window, with the exception of the Pit Challenge)
Geo TB: DS at about 20 stars, and we’re getting Wat shards every time
Geo TB: LS at about 9-10 stars, but we mostly focus on DS.
Hoth TB: 44 stars, so **** close to 45. One more player should put us over the top.
TWs are completely optional.

Our reset time is 8:30pm EST (UTC -4)

We have no spending requirements or crazy farming rules. We would just like you to be active. Deploy in the TBs, and participate in the raids and TWs if you want to. That’s it!

It’s pretty straightforward, really. Join a guild of friendly people that are not pushy or demanding, participate in the TBs and raids, get the loot, and improve your roster.

If you’re interested in joining, you can message me through the forum, through our Discord server (https://discord.gg/DrFxzyA), or in-game (ally code 252-477-693).

Thanks for your time!
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