Join Tython (287M) -- CPIT on Farm (<4 hrs)! 30* DS Geo+3k SM GET2. 22* LS Geo. 45+Wat/25+KAM

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Welcome to Tython! We’re an LS focused guild, designed to help our players get KAM, JML, and JMK. Fallen Ani coming? Who’s to say, but we’ll be on that train, too. We are a comfortably competitive bunch. Everyone plays the game within their definition of RL work and entertainment, but when the guild gets busy with CPIT, TW, and TB, we Hulk Smash!!! Come check us out! Yeah, the game can be a grind, but we guarantee a fun gaming environment for all kindred gamers for as long as CG keeps pumping out the content! Game on!!!

Key Details:
GP: 287M (1 spot opening up due to retirement!)
LS FOCUSED!!! Every player asked to get a KAM shard and LS GL.
TB: 30* DS Geo/45+Wat (+3k extra GET2 from SMs!!!!) 22* LS Geo/25+KAM.
TW: 80%+ TW.
CPIT/HSTR: 4 pm EDT/9 pm UTC. CPIT goes down in less than 4 hours.
2021 Targets: 24-25* LS Geo and 40+ KAM, 100+ GLs and GL Killers, 90% TW

Successful players: 5M+, KAM Reliable, 1+ GL, LS Focused gameplay (JKL, JML, JMK, BB)

Do you want to know more? Feel free to DM me or hit us up in Discord by going to: and tell them you are looking for Tython. Even if we’re not the exact right play for you, we can still help steer you to a guild that will be exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to meeting you!
(Go Tython!)
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