Brood Alpha missing turnmeter in 3v3 (attack)

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So I encountered this issue twice against different teams and I don't know whether I am missing something or it is bug...

Whenever I use GBA/Spy/Solider in attack in 3v3. GBA shows up without a turnmeter bar at all. He will help with attacks, but never takes a turn.

This is seriously annoying and I can't figure out why it is like this.

Any ideas?

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  • Waqui
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    Are you sure GBA never took a turn? I saw the visual bug earlier today when Thrawn was missing his TM bar. However annoying that was he still took his turns.
  • Spy, soldier and the additionally called geo (GBA unique) all had about 3 turns before my team got decimated due to the lazy GBA.. I played it manually and his abilities never showed up. So yeah.. no turn, unfortunately :S
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