How To Counter GL Luke Guide - DESTROY JML With Darth Revan! - PREVENT WAT TAMBOR TECH!

Welcome back everyone, today we're going to be looking at another team to counter Jedi Master Luke Skywalker but this time specifically when he's using his own lead or is under a Jedi Knight Revan (JKR) Lead. This team is specifically designed to counter both variants when they have Wat Tambor present as his presence does block a lot of well used counters that are used against him and I really feel most players who know what there doing are going to run Wat as a 5th given how difficult he makes the battle when he grants GL Luke his tank tech. This team requires no GLs and is very F2P friendly. Join me today as we take a look at how to use this Darth Revan variant to counter GL Luke. My own mods and opponents mods are shown during the video. I hope you all enjoy the video and enjoy the footage against R7 GL Luke, if you do enjoy the video please consider sharing it with your friends and guilds and maybe consider subscribing! Have a great day everyone!
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