My guild is trying to switch to LS Geo TB, so I'm looking for some information that may help us

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As is hinted at above, my guild has done LS Hoth TB enough that most of us have gotten enough GET1 for Malak and GAS, and after this run through we should have almost everyone with a 7 star ROLO which would mark the end of a large part of the purpose for doing Hoth over Geonosis. However we have been switching back and forth between Hoth and LS Geonosis enough that we know how brutal it can be if you don't have some really solid teams and characters.

As a result of this I think it would be beneficial if we can find guides and strategies for these LS missions like we do for DS Geonosis. Unfortunately we don't have much, just a few videos on youtube that I've seen in the past and some advice from the strongest players in the guild, which, meaning only a little insult to our strongest members, isn't as big an information pool as the community as a whole surely has. So that's where you guys come in, any guides/tips/information you can offer would be a huge asset to myself and the guild as a whole and would be very much appreciated.


  • I don't have a full guide for you. If you really want to learn, you can watch "The Playbook" on youtube, he does very comprehensive videos on LS Geo TB, but they are very, very long.

    LS Geo TB is incredibly hard, as you seem to have experienced. CG did a very 'good' job of designing it so that specific teams are viable and others are mostly trash, due to the mechanics.

    Teams that are consistently good are: Clones under Shaak or GAS, JKL, GL Rey, GL Luke, Padme, JKR.

    Note that this would be full relic 5ish teams.

    The two most important things to do well in combat, once you have a good team comp and gear level, is modding and knowing the enemy kits. You'll do better if you move mods.

    Expect frustration, but it is worth it and it is very doable- provided your guildmates mostly have powerful clones and jedi.

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