Have I done the impossible?

Check the scores. I added 232 for the zone & 106 for beating the last squad


  • Suggestion: add a new detail to squads in each zone, the score the opponent earned by beating that squad. It would simplify disputes resolution if the tallies didn’t add up. Seeing 106 would be a huge diagnostic in this case.
  • Did your opponent set 3 squads in that zone?

    That’s my guess. They only set 3 squads, so when you beat that one you were awarded a max banner win for the missing squad as well.
  • Yes, that’s it - I scored 50 + 56 for the missing squad. And he lost 82 for the missing defence
  • Waqui
    8507 posts Member
    2607 is a very good score for a player who was one defensive team short. You're lucky they forgot to set that last team.
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