Have we had any communication...

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around the matchmaking system in GAC? I know there have been a TON of threads, but I don't think I have seen them address any of the community concerns.

I am mostly wondering about the 2GL vs 1GL matching. This presents a very real disadvantage (in points and counters) to a players when you are funneling territories to only 3 teams.

I am really hoping for a map change which could introduce a little more strategy or deeper roster usage. However, I would be happy with just a little clarification of the thought process that a 2GL vs 1 GL is a fair matchup, especially when there are so few counters.



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    No we have not, but there is not likely to be any changes to matchmaking to specifically make GL count a factor.

    There is a decent GP bump around GLs, so there are some things players can do to avoid or be more prepared to face a different GL count than they have.

    As you said there are counters.
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