Anyone else cannot login?

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For a few hours I haven't been able to log into the game. I am on Android. My WiFi connection is fine, other apps on my phone are working no problem. I've forced the game to stop, restarted my phone and uninstalled / reinstalled the game. After reinstalling it did start up in tutorial mode but once I tried to sign in I had the same problem.

It seems to successfully sign me in from Google Play but then gets stuck on "Loading Cantina", eventually displaying good 'ol "Connection Error".

Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm nine minutes to payout and I haven't yet attacked :-1:

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  • Mine just started this after the new update. I managed to go in and check out the update notes etc, then when I went to go back in its frozen on "Loading Cantina".
  • Yep, it logged me out and tried to give me a guest account. No idea why.
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  • yep - new download , arena payout approaching and i cant get into game - awesome
  • I have the feeling the game runs slowly and after a couple of menu changed, it just crashes.
  • i am back - had to uninstall, reboot device , re-install and waited 10 minutes for all the background loads to occur .
  • The game ran slow and then froze and crashed in the middle of a GAC battle. So now i will lose GAC again
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