Ship Count

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edited December 2020
I haven't seen anything mentioned on this, but is it possible to get some ships added.

Capitol ships = 8 with 7 per ship = 56 slots
Total ships 43
We have 13 vacant slots and I myself would like to even this out some and have full squadrons for TWs and GAC.



  • Kyno
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    More ships would be welcome, along with more ship content.....that would all be great.

    There are a few things they need to get through/figure out to get us to that place:
    - economy changes (just because its ongoing and has some effect on characters we need as pilots)
    - how to balance further development of pilots with pilotless ships
    - more content (not just ship content)

    as they work through these and other things I am hoping we will see more ships sprinkled in there, but they can't really rush it too much. They really do need to balance out the fleets to give us a solid fleet on each capital ship we have right now.
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