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So I played this game years ago but recently got back into it. I have noticed my arena shard has gotten a lot harder. I have 1 gear 12 toon, and the rest gear 11 for my team. My ranking is around 1200 in my arena shard. Most teams around me have relic 3 or higher teams built. I don't stand a chance against them. After they beat me I add them as allies, and most of them have been inactive for several months. It would be great if inactive players got pulled out of the rankings so that active players would be the ones getting the rewards. I would be much more willing to invest in this game if I knew I stood a shot in my arena shard. That, or moving me to a different arena shard would be great.


  • crzydroid
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    By that thinking, you would have been removed as well during your break. What do you suppose the new procedure would be for players who come back?

    The good thing is, if they are inactive, they are no longer working on their teams, so you have a chance to at least get past them, even if you have a hard time catching the leaders.
  • Whenever I wasnt playing, I wasnt getting those rewards, so I wouldn't mind.

    Players coming back would either start from the bottom, or maybe the system could remember their last ranking before they passed the threshold of being inactive for x amount of time and they could either come back to that ranking, or start a bit below it.

    Yeah that is true, but whenever a long time has passed, and the power creep continues, it makes it almost impossible to progress at all. At my current situation, I am guessing I need about a year or more of grinding to be able to compete with most of the teams in the 500 range.
  • crzydroid
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    Starting at the bottom of a different inactive threshold (remember, if these people are higher gear than you, they've been inactive for less time than you) really just pits you against even stronger players when you come back.

    Unfortunately, the game is styled after frequent play. If you take a break for a long time, you will have to accept an arena drop. The good news is, you may be able to salvage grand arena.

    You may want to post a link to your account so people can point you in the direction of the best way to fast track back into the game.
  • It pits me against other returning players too, while giving me a little bit more crystal income to catch back up to the active players who have been playing for awhile. I mean the inactive players aren't using the arena rewards are they?

    The fast track getting back into the game is spending a lot of money, which I would be a lot more willing to do if I could be competitive or at least eventually be competitive.

    I really just wanted this idea to get some visibility so that it could be considered if seen by the right people. They are trying to make things easier for newer players with the increase in shard drops (which is amazing). This would just tack on to that great idea for helping a large group of players get back into the game. With all the new star wars shows coming out, there will absolutely be a lot of returning players to this game.
  • Waqui
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    Patience is the key here. I have an alt that was cryo'ed for 14 months. When I started playing it again for fun it was interesting to climb through all these inactive players. I didn't spend too much time in the arena since those inactive didn't drop me. I just focused on other game modes and on building my roster in general. That alt has been back inside top-20 in squad arena and also on top rank in fleet arena. So... It is possible to recover. Just have patience. Don't worry too much about arena for the next few months. Enjoy the other game modes until you have a viable arena team again.
  • riedstep wrote: »
    The fast track getting back into the game is spending a lot of money, which I would be a lot more willing to do if I could be competitive or at least eventually be competitive.
    If that is true then your best option may be to research current metas, start a new account and buy the Hyperdrive bundle. You will have a more competitive and fun experience.
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