Lost SEE event tickets

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I am in the process of farming ult mats for SEE. On the 5th go I had 76 tickets, went to enter battle and game crashed and I lost 70 tickets. I understand this sort of thing happens so raised a ticket and said the above happened and please could I either be refunded the tickets, or the crystals I’d need to spend on the energy to get 70 tickets back, or an ult mat. Any of the three will do. Given that I was racing fairly hard on the energy refreshes Crystal compensation is looking quite expensive. All they’ve offered is 500 crystals even after multiple push backs. Is there any way to get adequately refunded for this?
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  • Sewpot
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    I don’t think so. They give crystals and that about it I think. Good luck though
  • Kyno
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    Unfortunately, that 500 crystals is probably the best you will get. No one here will be able to help you get any more.

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