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Be really nice to nerf Bossk literally have to wait for a capital ship abilities to kill bossk ship. This is pretty dang dumb...I’m ranked in the top 50 and literally can’t progress anywhere due to everyone have Bossk ship at the can’t even dispel his you’re forced to attack him, you can’t dispel his taunt and he just gains protection as you attack him. Pretty dumb...


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    He doesnt need a nerf, there are ways around him without an ultimate to take him down.

    What lineup are you using? What's the opponent using?

    It's best to try and ask for help and change your strategy over asking for them to nerf a ship that has been around this long and many have worked out counter strategies to.
  • You can beat Hounds Tooth using fighters - I do it several times a day for my fleet arena climb.

    You can dispel its taunt provided certain conditions are met.

    And you can shut down his regeneration.

    Start by actually reading snd understanding Hounds Tooth's abilities
  • Hound's Tooth is the Phoenix of fleet. He seems crazy OP when you're weak but later on he fades into the background.

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