Legendary Ship Chimaera need rework Or, At least, increase in Base Speed?

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Chimaera requires rework or at least Base Speed increase (match to Executrix) in order to compete with Home One or Executrix. These ships are way faster and Chimaera doesn't get turn meter(Executrix) or make repeated atacks(Home One) as much as these ships do and It doesn't have an abililty that makes it fast like Finalizer have.

And I feel Its kits are outdated. I don't think its kits are as good as Home One or Executrix. Its best ability is its ult but until it gets turn to use ult, it loses almost all ships because other ships are way faster and they have way better kit compared to Chimaera.

Building a strategy or a team with Chimaera is very difficult when Home One or Executrix outrun you with speed. And Not the mention that Chimaera is a legendary ship. Do you have any plans to rework Chimaera's kits in near future? Or Instead, Can you ,At least, increase its speed. if it had reasonable base speed or speed increase by level,It could compete with Executrix. Speed gap is too much.(or I feel like that).

Chimeara base speed : 98 max speed: 166 (Endurance and Chimaera are the slowest ships)
Executrix base speed : 111 max speed: 186
Home One base speed : 117 max speed: 190

E.N.: This should be under "Ship" not "Character". Sorry for the mistake. This is my first post here.
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    Chimaera has a lower cooldown on ultimate, which is arguably better. The other abilities could be considered better as well.

    They did buff Tarkin and other ships a bit when they switched to Ships 2.0. So I will agree that they narrowed the gap a bit with how far Chimaera used to be ahead.

    If anything they would need new Empire ships--what makes Home One difficult for Chimaera is not the capital, but rather Millennium Falcon. But now with the pilotless TIE Bomber, Chimaera can have an advantage against Rebels again. I would say that despite the Ship 2.0 ultimate buffs, Chimaera is still hands down better than Executrix.
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    The Chimaera can afford to be slower than those ships because its ultimate is available one turn sooner. It might just need the right fleet to win, using ships like the Tie Fighter or Tie Reaper. The Tie Bomber is really effective against the Home One so that's worth a try
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