Wat protection recovery question

From reading Wat Tambor’s tank tech’s ability, it only says that protection is regenerated, with no mention of bonus protection, however when used with Bastilla lead, he does seem to recover bonus protection. Does anyone know how exactly this mechanic works?


  • Who is ‘he’? (Who did you assign the tank tech too?)
    Please give us the entire team line up, and if possible, link some photos or video of what you are seeing and we may be able to suss out what the interaction is.
  • crzydroid
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    Yes, this is WAI. This was a quesrion back in the days of Hermit Yoda refilling Wampa's bonus protection. Basically, having bonus protection increases the total protection pool, and it can be refilled.
  • There is a big difference between bonus protection and protection up to start with. (Bonus protection is the extra protection that nest, traya and members of a rey team get (and also the extra protection in the jedi assault battle)

    Protection up is the buff that bastila, padme and much more characters give.

    But as crzydroid says it increases your protection pool and when you recover protection you can also refill the bonus protection and protection up.
  • Thanks @crzydroid and all! That makes sense if bonus protection increases max protection, although it is a bit weird that SEE can’t then drain the additional max! Oh well
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