Can't transfer from old android phone to new


My son has been playing this game for over a year, and got a new phone for xmas. On the old phone, there is no option to "connect" to google play or facebook. Presumably because his age was set too low. He's older now so he can now see in-game chat, and could link the game to google on his new phone, but the problem is getting it off the old one.

I've opened several cases with EA Support, explaining each time that the method describe in help/support of simply linking the Google Account is not available.

The 1st time, I was told it would be no problem, and someone would be able to assist if I provide the PlayerID & Ally Code on both the "from" and "to" phones. I did, but then a new person responded and just linked the article on how to transfer by linking accounts to google play, and closed the case.

I opened another case, and they said it would be no problem, but I need to call or chat so they can verify the account (as opposed to email), and closed the case. I've found no option to contact other than the email form.

The 3rd case, I stated this, and was again just linked to the article using the "connect" function in game, which again, I stated was unavailable (and provided screenshots). I also got an email with a "code" to authenticate my account with EA, but no one ever asked for it.

@CG_Doja_Fett can I get some help to get my son's game moved from his old account to the new one? Is there another channel I should use for support? Does phone/chat actually exist? The tickets I've submitted don't seem to be read before a canned response is sent back.

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