Issues transferring accounts from iOS to Android.

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For a month now I have been unable to transfer my account from the old Iphone 6 I use to android. the account is already linked to Facebook but when attempting to follow the on screen instructions to put it on a 'New device' i am constantly getting "An unexpected error occurred while linking accounts" @CG_Doja_Fett can you give me a hand getting this squared away as its causing havoc with my GAC livestreams. the screen sharing apps ive been using are no longer reliable. I had to go 'Cohen style' earlier today lol. tia The Nev
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  • Well its another month of nothing with no reply. Why am i not surprised? My ticket through EA got no reply either. Again no surprise there. The transfer account system is not working as it should. Are you guys gonna address this? @CG_Doja_Fett the next time you upgrade the game and make my iphone obsolete to the game I'm going to lose the ability to play SWGOH on my phone unless I buy a new iphone! Please, Please, Please respond!

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    Doja will not be able to help you with issues like this.

    You will need to report this to Answers HQ or work with EA Help to see if they can help.
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