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Because I will go to division 2 and because in arena I see a lot of SLKR's now. I think that it's time for me to develop a counter for SLKR.

I've seen a lot of counters, but I have the feeling that they're to far for me.
I've seen DR bsf, malak, thrawn and a pretaunt,
rex lead 501st with barris
jkr with JKL
GAS lead with han, chewie and fives (and a fifth, but I don't really know what the fifth is)

I don't really want to mod fives for defense because for non SLKR battles it's better to have him for offense and in GAC I don't expect to see a lot of SLKR's.
And I don't have JKL and I'm far from getting him, so that's also not an option.
If possible I want to only relic characters that will also have use in other teams, and not only as an SLKR counter.

It seems that the only team that will work for me is DR. Or are there other teams that I'm missing.


  • You’re asking for too many things in your SLKR counter, something is going to have to give.

    I personally think you should go the Jedi route. 5 out of these 6 make extremely reliable counters to both SLKR and ALL forms of GLRey: JKR, JKL, Bastilla, HY, Old Ben, General Skywalker. These characters are also good enough to take out any DRDM or 501st team.

    They also fit your requirement of remaining versatile outside of an SLKR counter.

    If you watched YouTube videos, Xaereth Prevails has I believe FOUR videos on JKL/Jedi counters, along with how to move them around if you don’t see GLs in your GAC. They are indispensable, you’ll really want to learn these strategies if you want versatile counters to GLs.

    I strongly recommend gearing those Jedi for those reasons if you’re looking for answers to GLs
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