GAME FREEZING AND CRASHING CONSTANTLY - TW-TB-GAC basically everywhere important.

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I have invested a fair amount of time and money into this game, and the fact that I never know when I enter a battle if it is going to crash on me in the first 10 seconds is infuriating. This seems to have only happened since the last update, which as far as I can tell has only upgraded the graphics on the pop up sales pushes for packs, everything else seems to look the same. Is someone at CG going to do something about the stability of this game? My guild will miss the points from this battle, but I don't even want to attempt another because it may crash, you can't have fun in a game you cant play, and you cant spend money on a game thats no fun. iPhone 8 plus full working condition on all apps and games that have support. just swgoh issues. and yes i have re-installed.


I would love to get a legitimate follow up. we shall see.

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    You will need to report and discuss this at Answers HQ, to get any details and follow ups until there is more general information to report.
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