How is JKL better than GAS???



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    A gg account should be required to post in the forums at this point.

    Actually, a gg account should be required to play the game at this point. Especially with GAC histories on there.

    You can see what any of your opponents did without them having a gg acc. But you're right, that's only a small part of the picture.

    I am curious, what is available in addition to gg acc that shows GAC history? That sounds extremely helpful.

    I meant the gg acc., now you made me doubt it a li'l, but you should be able to see any of your matches even if your opponent doesn't have .gg.

    Gotcha yes you can, however you cannot see their history (for prepping defense) and that was where I was coming from. Thanks.

    Yes that was my point. If anyone's GAC history is viewable, everyone's GAC history should be viewable.

    The ability to see everyone's roster in order to knock down these silly complaints and silly claims would just be a bonus.

    I think the .gg ppl need to fix their site first though. It has a habit of giving out wrong point totals. it told me I got like 80 points in a ship battle in GAC in the last 5v5 round that's on there when I only got like 66. It was weird. I don't think 80 points is even possible :confused:

    That bug has been around a while.

    I’d rather forum posters had to reveal their .gg before that got fixed!
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