Balancing Phoenix and Fleet

Hi, any recommendations how to best balance getting phoenix early for gw/arena along with prepping for a good fleet start with goes?

Also if anyone is willing to ally to help beat early stages it would be much appreciated!


  • Soldier and spy should be transferred to in cantina nodes. at lvl 45/50 till lvl 60. Then, they appear in fleet store. Same with Sun Fac in guild store.
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  • You should be able to do both at once. Buy Geo Ship blueprints from GW store, as well as geo blueprints and shards from fleet store
  • Thank you for the recommendations, will do!
  • First 3 Cantina Farms IMO are Ezra, Hera, Kylo-Unmasked+Silencer.

    2nd 3 Cantina Farms are Soldier, Spy, & Old Ben

    Use the G-War Store for Ships after you've 7* Zeb & have Cad at least Open for Credit Heists.

    Use Fleet Store for Sun Fac & his Ship. (As well as Slave-1/TIE-Adv-X1 on their rare spawn)

    This leaves you 1 other DS ship needed for Executrix & Zeta Challenge.
    (Tie Bomber, Tie Fighter, FO Tie Fighter, Vulture, Hyena, Slave-1, or TAX1 are all valid options)

    Don't mess with LS ships till after you have that Zeta challenge open.
  • Schwartzring — this is basically the path I’m on. Lvl 69, 7* Phoenix, strengthening Geo fleet. I’m hovering around 500 in Squad and 40 in Fleet. Do you say 7* all Cantina farms before moving to the next? Or more balanced for fleet?
  • @Amiga

    Post a link to your account & we can help you more, but generally it's better to go Geo first, then Phoenix.

    As for whether you go 7*, well, you want everything unlocked first. Spreading 4*s around to get going is a decent strategy, but then you want to start 7*ing the most valuable toons first.

    First let me say that Schwartzring's opinion about going for Phoenix first is a valid opinion. It's not how I would do it, but it's fine advice. You should pick whether you want to get Fleet in shape first or GW. If you're all about GW, then you want Phoenix first. If you're about Fleet Arena, go Geos first. (Meanwhile keep farming Sabine steadily).

    Whether you go Gets or Phoenix, you should be farming the Vulture droid & Sabine both with regular energy right now, and Hyena bomber & Jango Fett/hound's Tooth as soon as you unlock their nodes (that's level 74 for Hound's Tooth & level 76 for Hyena Bomber).

    You should NOT use node refreshes. Just 5x per day. There are lots of things you need right now & so you can farm them all at once and spend no crystals instead of farming them 1-3 at a time but spending a bunch of crystals on node refreshes every day. It takes the same amount of time to finish your to-do list either way, so might as well work steady and save those crystals (or spend them on energy to farm even more things at once & get done much quicker than you would if you were spending on node refreshes instead of energy).

    If you're someone who spends money on the game (I am not, and I'm not saying you should, just saying IF you do) the best value in the game is the Hyperdrive bundle and it's a better value the earlier you buy it, so if you're going to spend $100 on the game, you might as well do it right now.

    That's all for now. Post your profile & tell us what characters you love/hate to get more specific advice.

    And don't forget WORK ON VULTURE & SABINE!
    Phoenix wins GW 4-5x / wk and thus far staying under 50 in fleet
    Definitely F2P
    I haven’t been using node refreshes, but I have been refreshing cantina first to get Phoenix 7* and now geo spy & soldier
    What’s your thought on farming gear vs shards?
    Welcome all advice!
  • What’s your thought on farming gear vs shards?

    My opinion on that is basically this: it takes longer to get a character to 7* than to gear them to a useful level for whatever your GP is. That's fact. Given that fact, I take shards over gear every single time for player accounts below about 3M gp. There are simply too many toons you need at that level, so there's always something you can productively farm (not talking CUP and Eeth Koth & whatever, actual good toons) at your GP.

    There is a time when the priority is gear (like at my stage of the game*), but that probably doesn't hit until about 5M to 5.5M, hard to say, exactly. 3M to 5M can be tricky strategy wise, and you have to develop a more nuanced approach to flipping back and forth between priorities, or even balancing them on the same day. But you're at a stage where you still need EVERYTHING, and so the most efficient use of your resources is to get 330 shards of everything, but remember that you don't have to level up and gear (or even unlock) everything right away.

    Go for shards. If you have the characters, you can always switch gear priorities and in a week or two get a neglected toon ready to fight. If you don't have the characters, then when you find out you need one you'll be waiting a couple months, maybe more, instead of a couple weeks.

    Also? Gearing anyone up to g6 and leveling anyone up to 45 or so is probably not recommended for every toon right now when basic resources are such a struggle, but that's never a waste when you hit level 85. It's just so cheap to level toons up to 45 and the gear is so available, you might as well do that to get better scores in Territory Battles.

    For now, though, stick with narrow gear priorities, narrow credit & training droid priorities for leveling, but very broad shard priorities.

    *For an idea of my stage of the game, you can visit my profile here:
  • Amiga wrote: »
    Lvl 69, 7* Phoenix, strengthening Geo fleet.
    Do you say 7* all Cantina farms before moving to the next? Or more balanced for fleet?

    This really depends on the farms.

    At Level 8, when Cantina Opens, you want to rotate Ezra & Hera from Open/2*, then 5*, then 7* or even each single star, but, at the least 2-5-7 for Open, Legend Open, Legend Max
    Kylo isn't needed till 40+ when your approaching fleet.
    But I'd say minimum 4* the Ship & Character both before 60.

    Now that your 69 the 2 Geo Characters come into play & Old Ben (Or another Jedi for Yoda+CLS)

    In these cases you'll want to get 4* fast since its a quick 80 shards.
    Then each added Star opens up a Legendary Try at +1 Star.

    So, I guess I'd rotate v/s 7* for these first 6 characters as they need to come on line.

    Once these 6 are done, I'd just to 7* Max for any future farms, I don't recall any other areas where I needed to be doing 2 at the same time at 5* like Ezra/Hera were.

    Post a link to your account & we can help you more, but generally it's better to go Geo first, then Phoenix.

    As usual I agree with most everything MS says, just 1 question.
    The sentence above, do you mean Fleet Ships or Characters or Both?

    My thoughts are Phoenix Characters first
    BUT, Geo SHIPS first.

    My thoughts on the Geo Characters is since the ships start at 1*/0* at L60, you probably don't need the characters super far along at that point.

    Pre-L55 the Cantina Energy should be Ezra/Hera/KylU

    Then just as fleet comes online you hit the Solder/Spy Nodes.
  • Amiga wrote: »
    I haven’t been using node refreshes, but I have been refreshing cantina first to get Phoenix 7* and now geo spy & soldier
    What’s your thought on farming gear vs shards?
    Welcome all advice!

    So here is the thing w/ Cantina refreshes.

    Early on, they help you get those first couple teams going.
    Eventually, they seem less & less useful.

    I've been playing 22.5 months now.
    I had every legendary event that was around when I started by my 1 year anniversary. (~D.Revan)
    And in the last 10.5 months I've added only 1 more. (Malak)
    Instead of farming more teams to 7* and then lacking gear to take them past 8, I've focused on Gear, and Gear, and Gear, and MORE GEAR.
    Its a never ending slog.

    So, I differ from M.Seedy in this area a bit since I think farming GEAR is almost always better than shards.
    Especially when Shards are now Doubled.

    I have only done a few "Node or Event" refreshes in all that time.
    I've purchased a bit of gear but not a huge amount.
    When it comes to spending crystals its almost all about refreshes of energy for the 1st 3 each day.

    #1. 3 Gold EVERY day of the week. If you have to skip a day make it Sunday. Every other day of the week the Gold energy counts towards Guild Tokens either Before or After the reset so do those 3 refreshes 6x a week minimum to support the guild tokens, farm 5x nodes, and farm gear.
    Gold Nodes almost always reward better than purchasing gear from shipments.

    #2. 3 Green/Mod energy EVERY Tuesday Night & Wednesday Morning on "All Energy" day for Guild Tokens.
    These 6 refreshes are probably MORE important than the Gold on those 2 days IMHO if you are really broke.
    Farming Mods & Slicing Mats is the single way in this game to truly make your team better than the competition.

    #3. Cantina early on is not a bad option, aim for the All Energy & Cantina Energy days which covers 4 of the 7 days of the week & do at least 1 refresh if not all 3. But once Ship Nodes open up & G12 Farms start, then the Blue/Fleet energy is more important IMHO.

    #4. Fleet Energy is ON for Guild Tokens on Tues/Wed for ALL Energy but also Thursday AM for "Hard Nodes"
    If you can afford it hitting 1-3x Refreshes on those 3 days will help the guild & help you.

    At a certain point #3 & #4 will flip order when G12 is more important, and then perhaps back again when you have multiple Relic Characters to farm for.
    Personally I only Relic 1 Char at a time so I farm up mats for that 1 & then go back to whatever other character I'm farming for to help Guild Platoons since I'm basically done in Cantina for now.
    Or I farm KRU node some for the double chance at shards for Shard Shop exchange.

  • @Schwartring:
    The sentence above, do you mean Fleet Ships or Characters or Both?
    My thoughts are Phoenix Characters first
    BUT, Geo SHIPS first.

    Eh? I mean that I prioritize Fleet Arena over GW & Squad Arena for FtP players. No, I don't think you have to bother with Geos from level 1 if you don't want to, but I should have been more clear that I'm giving advice specific to this mid-level range of early game play. Like the gear thing. Before level 85 you can't even gear anyone to g12, even if you wanted to do so. Get all your shards during this earlier period, is my thinking. After hitting 85 but while still relatively low, I'm much more likely to go shards, then there comes a time when things are more balanced (hard to say when that is, but I'm guessing that range is like 3m - 5m right now? But as they add more characters that skews upward), then there comes a time when I think it's best to go all in on gear.

    I respect the all-gear school of thought, I just think that for FtP when you can't win in squad arena early (since you can gear up characters, but they'll never be the meta or past-meta toons that P2W players have access to by buying the hyperdrive bundle and getting access to the level85-restricted events right away), grabbing all the extra toons you can is good.

    Likewise, what gear can someone farm at level 74? I honestly don't know, but probably not Kyros. And some gear looks scarce early but loosens up a ton (like Fusion Furnaces or Mk3 Holos). When crafting my advice I tend to worry about how the advice could be misused. Like what if I said, "Go for gear" and someone started farming Mk3 Holos because looking at their inventory, that's what everyone needs? Really folks just need to join a good guild, get comfortable finishing last in raids for a little while, and spend their guild tokens on Mk3 Holos, not their energy. There's nothing folks need at level 65-75 where farming it from a regular energy node is the best choice except for Stun Guns.

    So... stun guns, maybe? If you want to? I don't know, just my opinion.

    Anyway, I think Fleet Arena is much more important for success at the levels we're talking than squad, so I would try to max ships & pilots before maxing Phoenix.

    Again, though, I think you give great advice to people and I wouldn't want people to think I'm saying my way is the right way. But folks are looking for advice, and without one right answer, all any of us can do is just share our opinions.

    so... Amiga? If you 're listening?

    You're going to get good advice from more than one source, and not all of it will agree. By far the best way to split the tie is simply to ask yourself, "What feels like it would be more fun?" You have a zillion things you can work on right now. There's no reason to work on something that's killing your love of the game.
  • "but I'm guessing that range is like 3m - 5m right now?"

    Referring to this bit, specifically, I'm at 4.38M atm, 1x GL, missing 4 non-GL non-TB journey guide characters.
    Probably could've skipped some non-JG teams to get there a little faster, though FO and NS are the only ones I have significantly geared that isn't needed for anything that I have, or am working towards.

    So I'd say probably around 4.5M, except when you're specifically farming for your GL (100% recommend SLKR, as soon as you feasibly can, personally. I know SEE is technically "easier", but SLKR is the one that provides tons of benefits other, easier to get, characters don't. Most galactic challenges that SEE can clear, so can DR or Vader teams, meanwhile SLKR gives you HSTR solo and challenge pit "significant contribution", and still clears the same assault battle SEE does.)

    But around 4.5M, you should have most, if not all, relevant teams and characters - Geos, BHs, the revans, a GL, GAS and JKL, etc. - 4.5-5M. Maybe closer to 5M, if you get in a better guild earlier that gives you access to extra stuff like Negotiator + Malevolence, Wat, etc. by that point. At which point, the focus really does just massively shift over to farming gear, to start making all the random secondary teams you have useful.
    Most teams at that point are likely only going to require "farming" for 1 character - Stuff like Imp Troopers, Mon Mothma, etc., you'll likely end up with 3/5-4/5 of the team at 7* just from a lack of anything else to spend currency on, or light/hard requirements for other misc. stuff, like TB CMs, light side ships for home one, etc.

    3M would be stretching it a lot, unless you ignore getting a GL for an extreme amount of time and do that at the end, rather than early/early-mid game, as well as ignore characters like Beskar Mando, JTR and JKL, as well as ANY secondary teams or characters. Before 4M, there's just not much reason to specifically grind for gear outside of gearing your arena team and the GL farm, provided you're in a decent guild that gives you pretty decent and consistent background farming.

    Yes, you SHOULD farm to gear your arena team once that's long-term (FO, if going for SLKR, would be the earliest followed by Geos probably, as both teams will last until you get your first JG team, and would be needed for later stuff anyways.) and yes, your GL grind is going to need to farm at least some gear, as well as tons of signal data, but those are both very specific farms, with very specific goals, not just "general long-term gear farming". ...and yeah, a LOT of the gear that seems valuable early game ends up in a position where you have hundreds to thousands at most times later, so it isn't at all worth actively farming for early on. Stun guns/cuffs excluded, obviously.
  • This is great discussion —- thanks @MasterSeedy @Schwartzring

    My guild seems quite active — raids every day, TW, TB — and I like competing in the Fleet Arena. My takeaways are:
    [*] Focus short-term farm on fleet needs: Geo spy to 7*, Geo soldier to 7*, Geo ships to 7*, vulture droid
    [*] Unlock hounds tooth and hyena bomber as soon as I can
    [*] Keep farming Phoenix to get thrawn 7*
    [*] Farm shards for CLS toons: old Ben Luke, Leia, ST Han

    I’m not sure about KRU/Silencer. Maybe focus on that after the Geos or maybe switch Cantina farm to he CLS toons.

    In either case, the plan for the next 1-2 weeks is clear.

    Thank you!
  • KRU is a cantina node farm, so (since Hera & Ezra are done) you're probably best off just finishing Spy, finishing Soldier, then when you're close to done with soldier, check in again & KRU would be a good idea to do right after, but talking about it just in case things have changed by then is a good idea.
  • How many DS Ships are you fielding?

    Remember to Open the Zeta challenge you need 5 DS Ships at 5* & Higher IIRC.
    I only had 4 myself & then had to farm an entire 5th character & that was a BIG delay.

    The reason I preach KRU-Silencer is your getting both the Char & the Ship in the same location, AND, the fact that at L3 of Cantina, you get access pretty early.

    To me, since your going to be farming all 3 Geo Ships & Sun Fac all at L60+, you might as well get Kylo done before hand. You can try to have a full Spy/Soldier Character but your still stuck at a 1* Ship to start.

    Its going back almost 2 years, but, IIRC, when I hit L60 I had 6* Ezra/Hera & hadn't started Kylo yet & man did I regret that.
    Ezra/Hera at 5* instead would have given me a 5* Silencer & I still remember facing those 4* Silencers with my 1-2* mixed Light/Dark fleet.
    Those folks with an early Silencer were ruling Fleet early on.

    So as M.Seedy mentions a lot of this is about knowing when to switch between farms.
    That goes for Character to Character but also Character to Gear.

    Things that you can farm early to me is the stuff in the Guild Store that drops from Pit & Stun Guns/Cuffs.

    And I'm not suggesting to farm Gear exclusively, I just learned my lesson when I was farming 5+ characters w/ gold energy & then only having about 100 energy left for gear.

    My suggestion is just to focus closer to 50/50 when it comes to the Gold Energy in LS/DS Nodes.

    Starting out early, Sabine is for sure 60 Energy a day & Range Trooper is a solid choice too since many of the early LS/DS Nodes suck & at Dark-3 he's something you might want some day.

    FO Trooper from both LS/DS Level-2 is a solid choice.
    Outside of those 3 I'd dump early Gold Energy into Gear.

    Once you get to L4-6 range you get a LOT of farms you'll want, but before that not much, its nodes you get free from Bronziums or useless characters in many cases.

    These days with Shards being twice as common you can easily end up how I was at the 1 year point, all the Legends unlocked but only a few characters at G11+
    Everyone stuck at G8 & the 50 character list of peeps wanting Stun Guns.
    No joke, I had Drevan but couldn't put gear on him for months.
    Why? Why start gearing him just as I'm finishing up my Jedi/Padme teams both?
    I didn't have Malak or a 5th SE so it wasn't like he would have been amazingly useful.
    Point being, the energy I spent farming that team might have been better used on Gear & pushing back my completion of DRevan (or RJT for that matter) by 90-180 days.
  • Fleet is making progress. Executrix just earned 4* and next challenge tier doesn’t unlock for 4 lvls. Other ships:
    • 5* Geo sold and spy
    • 4* tie fighter and vulture
    • 3* sun fac
    • 2* silencer
    Tie bomber is 55/80 and slave 26/80.
  • Looks great, Amiga!
  • Everyone stuck at G8 & the 50 character list of peeps wanting Stun Guns.

    Ain't this the truth...and then trying to decide who to prioritize your first 50 stun gun salvages for once you hvae them...
  • Amiga wrote: »
    Fleet is making progress. Executrix just earned 4* and next challenge tier doesn’t unlock for 4 lvls. Other ships:
    • 5* Geo sold and spy
    • 4* tie fighter and vulture
    • 3* sun fac
    • 2* silencer
    Tie bomber is 55/80 and slave 26/80.

    Good Stuff !!

    Yeah, one of the things that got me was how the first few Fleet events you can use either DS or LS ships.
    So I had "half" a squadron of both.
    Then for the 5th Tier you need PURE teams of LS/DS
    That totally delayed me as I then had to farm a bunch of extra ships.

    Its why I suggest a pure DS farmed team first.
    Get them up first & get them to the highest levels/best abilities
    Open the Zeta challenge early & then you can work on a full LS Team for Home-1/Endurance events.
    You can earn a full zeta or 3 in the time it takes to farm up the 2nd LS fleet.
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