To EA - Droid pack request

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I regret not purchasing the droid pack can you guys at EA make it available for us players?.


  • Keaven
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    No you would have to reset your game to get access again.
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  • @Keaven
    Even then you might not get it as only certain accounts get certain bundles. I have created 3 extra accounts and only one has one extra bundle, none of them have the Droid bundle.
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  • Don't worry, worst of the packs.
  • data90x wrote: »
    Don't worry, worst of the packs.

    No, it is cheaper and much better than the Barrisgate pack ...
  • Loce
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    The only bundle I remember was the Jedi
  • KitsuAeryn
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    I bought the droid pack and I do not regret it at all. It made the dark side table much easier to complete (HK47, IG88, IG86 do terrible, terrible things to the AI).

    I've leveled HK47 to the mid-40s with level 5 gear and 5 stars. He hits for about 1,200 normally, has an AOE that does ability block, offense down, and speed down, rezes himself the first time he's killed, and has a TON of health.

    I've leveled IG88 to the 50s with level 6 gear and 4 stars. He usually crits in the 3,000s, provides healing immunity, and can do a TON of extra damage if his target already has a few debuffs on him (he has an ability to buffs his damage based on debuffs on the target).

    HK47 was in my arena team until I got to the 500s. IG88 took his place. I don't think either of them will stay in the long term, but they have both been very important to clearing the dark side table.

    With HK47 in the leader slot and Phasma on your team in the back, your droids will move at lighting-fast speeds and deal a massive amount of damage. Sadly none of them have any health but HK47, but if you can land the Offense Downs it helps a lot.
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  • Jabberwocky
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    KitsuAeryn. +1

    Droid pack is da bomb! Especially with Lobot or Poggle as leader, only wish there was a droid healer option with synergy.
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