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  • Anyway. The “we need a strong female character” line is very 2nd wave feminism. Important for its day, but obsolete now. That resulted in tokenism where a show would have ONE strong female character and then the fandom would have to project themselves onto that one character—but that one character can’t possibly please everyone.

    Think about Mandalorian season 2. You have Katie Sakhoff, Sasha Banks, Ming-na Wen, and Rosario Dawson. You also got that villain Asohka was fighting. And more, I’m sure, but I only get so many minutes on my break. In an earlier show, if your One Woman does something stupid or gets a better job you’re screwed. With proper representation you have flexibility and if your audience is lukewarm on one, there’s another for them to identify with. So Gina Carano talked herself out of a job because she thought “I really MUST make sure everyone knows pronouns are dumb and hope no one looks up Cyborg beating me down” and is gone now. Cool. More screen time for Sasha.
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  • I am actually hoping they recast the character, then change her appearance in the game. I quite like the character. That the actress turned out to be such a garbage person is upsetting and disappointing.
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