Best Moff Gideon squad?

Will have him at 7* soon so what is the best trooper squad?


  • I read somewhere else on the forum it’s Veers L, Starck, Piett, Gideon, Range. This came from Moff Gideon thread in general discussion I think.
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  • Phoenixeon
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    1 trooper squad:
    Veers(L), starck, piett, gideon, range.

    2 trooper squad:
    Veers (L), starck, storm, magma, piett.
    Gideon (L), snow, death, shore, range.
    storm/shore, snow/magma changable.

    2nd one seems weak but I have them 4/4 at DSGeoTB P2 mid, snow is R4, rest are G12.
  • RTS
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    Gideon isn't actually great with troopers - they may be one of the "best" squads for him, but it's more a matter of him being good for OTHER squads.

    Troopers are very arguably worse with him, but add him to a Vader / Rey counter, and things become really interesting.
  • Even with 3 star Giddeon, I am able to wreck Nightsisters with Veers, Starck, Giddeon, Piett, Range. That seems to get the turn meter train rolling the best. But if you're countering SEE, the best team is probably Veers, Giddeon, Piett, Range, Death.
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