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Not sure where to go next for toon farming or gearing. Any toons I should gear up that I haven't yet? I'm thinking vandor chewie after I get kuill. I have over 1 billion in credits, there's got to be a place to spend them.


  • Check with your officers about potential platoon characters they may need. Also, they likely have good advice for you too. There may be something for TW, TB or raids that can help.

    All that said, I’m around the same GP as you and I’m going for another GL.
  • If I was you, I would relic up my GAS, and build up my 501st clones.
    Other than that, I'd pick a team you like, maybe that's another GL, maybe just another team you'd like to have.
  • If you pick JML as your next GL it would complete some squads for you, rebels and jedi (JKR). Darth Revan could use some love too.
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