Would you like this again?

What is the community’s feelings on if the devs brought back puzzles before the release of something new? Let’s hear what everyone has to say..


  • Johnnyreb1977
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    I’d be satisfied with just getting something new. This new conquest mode is supposed to be coming soon I hope it was worth the wait.
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  • I really liked the puzzles.
  • It would mean actually adding something new, so yeah, I'm all for it. And it would be less bland that the conquest announcement masked as road ahead...
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • I never participated in the puzzles, but I was happy they existed for the people who did.
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  • Kyno
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    Let's keep this on topic
  • I loved the puzzles. I'm too dense to contribute in any way but it was a lot of fun following along.
  • Same. I was never able to contribute in cracking any of the puzzles but really enjoyed when the community came together to solve them.
  • The puzzles always had too much math in them for me to want to do. I like patterns and trivia, but can't get it up for math. Still--happy for those who like math, though.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • I had mixed feelings about the last puzzle. Especially with the extra comment of "You are never done when you think you are done" or something.

    The upside was to see the community jump on it, and working on it, all kinds of streamers trying to be smart about it, it was funny and all.

    The downside for me that there was never an official step-by-step solution and it was extremely hard for me to keep up with the pieces, obviously several thousands of ppl think and solve a lot faster than I do. I still dont know the whole solution of the Luke-puzzle to this very day.

    Also, I heavily disliked how they used the puzzle - initiating communication without actually engaging a meaningful conversation, that wasnt cutting it for me. I mean, it was probably not cutting it for many, as the Luke-trailer was disliked into oblivion, and they had to "reset" it to mask the real mental state of the community.

    So for me puzzle is like a show to sell the work. I dont see work, so i dont need the show either. Do something decent for once and i'll be happy to see a puzzle about it. Otherwise it feels to me that it is just a distraction or even the main attraction and that is ultimately bad. Main attraction should be the content.
  • Gifafi
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    Other people seem to like puzzles and I don’t see a downside for me, so sure
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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