The Galactic Conquest Begins Soon!

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We’ve got some additional details and clarifications on the upcoming game mode, Conquest. We’re in the midst of putting the final touches on it and we intend to release the update that includes Conquest this week, and start the exhibition event on March 1st.
Conquest Exhibition

To kick things off, we’re going to launch Conquest as Exhibition events - for at least the first two events - but potentially more as needed. Conquest is a deep, intricate mode with lots of tuning knobs and levers. We’ve been playtesting the feature over the last few months and feel it’s in a good spot. That said, similar to the way we made adjustments to Galactic Challenges (event cadence, difficulty, feats, rewards, etc), you can expect that as we listen to your feedback and assess performance data, we’ll make similar adjustments to Conquest over time. The first few months will likely feature the greatest volume of changes, and then we expect the changes to taper off as the mode settles into the system.

IMPORTANT: While our tentative plan is that Conquest events will run once per month as a two week event with approximately two weeks off in between, during the Exhibition period we will be running the initial Exhibition events back to back with only a short period in between to gather data more quickly. Please note that the Exhibition events feature our intended post-Exhibition rewards, so the initial period will have extra rewards-per-month coming your way.

Some of the aspects we potentially will make adjustments to include (but are not limited to):
  • Event Length - Currently 2 weeks
  • Event Frequency - Currently once per month starting on the 1st of the month (outside of the exhibition)
  • Energy cost per node
  • Energy refresh rate
  • Stamina refresh rate
  • Difficulty Tuning
  • Rewards (both the immediate milestone rewards and the end-of-event crate contents)

All of that said, Conquest has been built with a tremendous amount of flexibility for us to create new types of events - so you can expect to see new modifiers, new feats, different bosses, more exclusive reward units - and much more as time goes on.

Normal vs Hard mode and Difficulty Tuning
We’re launching Conquest with two different difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. All players must complete the event on the Normal difficulty before moving on to Hard. You might be asking “Why do I have to complete Normal first?,” and we did that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is a complicated new system that may take some time for players to figure out how to manage their strategy and resources, and we didn’t want players committing to Hard and then getting stuck right away and not being able to play for the next two weeks.

Conquest does feature a scaling difficulty curve, so it’s likely that players will peak out at different points throughout the course of an event (and then make more progress as you continue to invest in your collection and improve your strategy from event to event), and depending on their collection, many players will certainly reach their point of furthest progress during Normal without being able to complete the entire event. To be clear, not everyone is expected to complete the entirety of the event right out the gate - this is an event you will continue to make progress in over time.

One of the other considerations we had was deciding how much information to expose before you commit to a difficulty level and how much time you’d have to spend trying to assess which difficulty level to choose. Before you commit to a difficulty level, you are able to see a list of the Sectors and the Boss battle that you’ll face. (Note: this Boss battle is the same for all players for a given Sector and Difficulty level.) You will be able to tap on the info button on the Sector list to view the Boss battle squad, as well as some high-level information about the enemies you’ll face in that sector.

While this data is subject to change prior to release, here’s how we’re currently tuning the different difficulty levels (Gear/Relic Tier + additional stats to take into account Data Disks, etc.):

  • Required GP: 0+
  • Recommended GP: 2,000,000+
  • Enemy Tuning by Sector
    • Sector 1 - G12
    • Sector 2 - G13
    • Sector 3 - R1
    • Sector 4 - R2
    • Sector 5 - R3

  • Required GP: 4,000,000+
  • Recommended GP: 5,000,000+
  • Enemy Tuning by Sector:
    • Sector 1 - R4
    • Sector 2 - R5
    • Sector 3 - R6
    • Sector 4 - R7
    • Sector 5 - R8

Data Disks And Consumables

One part of Conquest that’s received a lot of interest is the new Data Disks system. Data Disks provide your squads with a variety of different bonuses throughout the event. These Data Disks can be equipped depending on which ones you want to use with your squad or swapped out for a small amount of currency.

Once equipped, Data Disks are active for all future battles in Conquest and are not used up. There is a Data Capacity that limits the number of Data Disks you can have active at one time. The diamond icon at the bottom of each Data Disk represents the number of Capacity it will take up and ranges from 1-4 at the moment.

These can provide some significant bonuses to your team, so strategizing around their abilities will be important to your success in Conquest. Here’s are some of the Data Disks that will be available initially:
While Data Disks provide permanent bonuses to your squads for the duration of the event, Consumables can give you a temporary boost to help you defeat a difficult battle. There are 3 types of Consumables - Boosters, Medpacs and Techs. One of each can be activated at a time and typically last for 2 to 4 battles. These Consumables can be purchased with Conquest Currency or Crystals from the Conquest Store and from the Scavenger store.

Note: Consumables, Data Disks are reset after each event, but Conquest Currency will remain for you to use on the next event. Conquest Currency has a cap of 3,500.

That’s all we have to share for today. We are excited to see players finally get their hands on Conquest Exhibition soon and start gathering your feedback.

See you on the Holotables!


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