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First and foremost I’m new to the forums so if I’m posting in the wrong section please feel free to move this thread.

Just wanted give some feedback to conquest as there’s no ingame feedback button.

First thing I thought of would be a sector 0 with reduced rewards or something for players who just reached 85 filled with non-legendary characters, so Drevan, GAS etc can’t spawn. Also they’re G11 and the boss being G12

Prevent duplicate discs from spawning at the disc reward nodes. What I mean by this is triple leaders resolve on a disc node is kind of silly maybe enforce diversity on that node and perhaps increase the rarity of the discs as you progress through the zone. Adds to the excitement of unlocking the next node as well as rewards you for progressing.

Add descriptions to the discs in the inventory and maybe even let us quickly input a search criteria which pulls from the scavengers we’ve unlocked and the conquest store from there, often enough we need a quick item or stun and have to search all the zones for it.

It seems to be any health and protection related discs aren’t working correctly, at least I haven’t noticed any % health damage from agony disc and leaders resolve etc.

In battle feat trackers so we can tell how close we are to fulfilling the criteria.


  • Yeah this sucks big time. I'm stuck on a node I cannot get past. I went back and 3 starred everything. A week?! Or is it more? So you implement this feature but if I get stuck on a node it may as well never hve been added because I can't play it! Developa 1 time reset? Or offer "reset tickets" available as rewards from other events. Or just shorten the **** time it takes to reset!! I get it, it's about choices. The Geonosian node in sector 2 right after the data card store is unbeatable. I don't care what squad you have. All 5 geos attack you until your team is dead without even having one attack. It's ZERO FUN. On top of it all I have to wait DAYS to try it again?!?! Yeah... none for me thanks.
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    I agree that the conquest mode has been frustrating and once you hit a wall that’s it. I have nothing to fight this team and they just get to go and 1 shot my whole team, even though my teams stats are pretty decent. In the two events now the supposed Relic 2 in sector 2 are killing my Relic 7 characters without them even having a turn. The gear payout is trash compared to the difficulty and time to play the battles. Conquest is just a huge waste of time meant for far end game players. So many other fun options out there and in typical EA fashion they give us this garbage.
  • The whole thing is broken. Normal mode yeah right. Came back to this game after a couple years. Bought several packs worth a few hundred. Have 20 max level max star heroes and cannot even beat fhe first level on NoRmAl. Typical EA pay to win GREED.
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    Timshwah wrote: »
    The whole thing is broken. Normal mode yeah right. Came back to this game after a couple years. Bought several packs worth a few hundred. Have 20 max level max star heroes and cannot even beat fhe first level on NoRmAl. Typical EA pay to win GREED.

    You should probably ask for some help, as there are low end players getting in a few crates with 1-2 teams. There is nothing that cant be done for free, and this mode, specifically on normal is a great example of that.

    Also, I see in another post your toons are around gear 10, is that correct? Stars and level are far less important that gear levels.
  • I have to agree with most of the above posts. I like the idea of conquest but in some ways it is just a extended drawn out challenge mode that makes you wait longer for the rewards. But my major complaint as mentioned above is that I think the "Normal" mode is far from it! It is a mode catered to those that have spent money or are spending money freely. If the levels are not changed then please consider offering a option either once or maybe 3 times through that season to allow the player to at least steps back a battle and offer a different direction path for the player. Also as mentioned above the first season I got to sector 3 but then got stuck in a battle and could not progress and was forced to sit and wait for several days not able to play or enjoy the mode. This season the same but worse, battle in sector 2 and stuck with 9 DAYS to wait. I have thrown everything and still can't progress. Not a whole lot of fun and really making me question if I want to continue playing this game mode. I think from the comments I am not a minority voice. It seems maybe the normal mode may need to be nerfed slightly. Let the high level players get challenged in the hard mode and give the normal level players something to work for once we make it to hard mode. For most of the normal mode to be filled with mostly relic level characters to battle against and I do not have a single relic character seems a bit unfair and a waste of time and again no fun at all. Please look into adjusting this mode to be a bit more fair or options again to allow forgiveness for maybe a poor path choice stuck in.
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