Fankit for Capital Ship "Leviathan" + GSS-5C Dustmaker + M-7 Razorwire

So, this is my first time really trying out kits for ships, and I have been thinking of ways to complete factions that so far have things missing out in their lineup, starting with the Sith, which currently are the closest to a complete faction as they have 5 ships, but no capital. So I tried to round it up by adding one Capital and 2 other Ships to compliment the general playstyle of the Sith ships so far.

I hope you enjoy the read and that I Earn your earnest feedback.

Capital Ship "The Leviathan" (Darth Revan Pilot)
The Leviathan
Roles: Dark Side, Sith, Sith Empire, Capital Ship
Description: A very offensive-supporting Sith Capital Ship that focuses on increased aggressions the longer the fight goes on.

(Basic) Plasma Barrage
Deal Physical damage to the target enemy and inflict them with Target Lock and Tenacity Down for 2 turns. If the target enemy is already Target Locked, reduce 30% Turnmeter and call a random Sith Ally to assist, dealing 50% reduced damage.

(Special) Starforge-Maintenance Upgrades (3 turn CD)
All Allies are cleansed from all debuffs and recover 10% Health and Protection, tripled for Sith and Sith Empire allies. Target Sith Ally then gains Starforge-Upgrade. If the target Ally already has Starforge-Upgrade, reduce all their cooldowns by 1 for each other Ally with Starforge-Upgrade.

Starforge-Upgrade: This unit gains Gain +10% Offense (Stacking) whenever they take a turn and they ignore enemy Defence.

(Special) Pincer-Formation (4 turn CD)
Deal Special damage to all enemies and call target Sith Ally and all Allies with Starforge-Upgrade to assist, dealing 35% reduced damage, but recover 25% health. If the target enemy is Target Locked, target Ally, if they have Starforge-Upgrade, gains a Bonus turn and all other Allies with Starforge-Upgrade gain +30% Turnmeter.

(Ultimate) The few for the Many (8 turn CD)
All Enemies have their Health and Protection equalized before they take Damage equal to 50% of their maximum health which cannot be evaded or reduced. If no enemy ship was defeated by this Ability, increase all of the enemy Capital Ship's cooldowns to it's Maximum. If an enemy Ship has been defeated by this Ability, set it's cooldown to 3 turns.

(Pilot Ability: Darth Revan) The Might of the Sith Empire
Sith Allies gain +25% Offense against Debuffed enemies and deal +50% Critical Damage against target locked enemies. Whenever a Sith Ally critically hits a target locked enemy, all allies gain 5% Turnmeter, tripled for Sith Allies. Furthermore, whenever a Sith Ally is critically hit or target locked, they gain a Bonus Effect based on their Role.
- Attacker: Gain +25% Critical Damage (Stacking) until the end of their next Turn
- Support: All other Allies recover 5% Health and Protection
- Tank: Gain Taunt and Critical hit immunity until they are damaged again.

The GSS-5C Dustmaker Gunship
GSS-5C Dustmaker Gunship
Roles: Dark Side, Sith, Sith Empire, Attacker
Description: Aggressive Attacker who makes short work with tougher enemies.

(Basic) Railgun Barrage
Deal physical damage to the target enemy. If the target enemy has a higher Max Health value than this unit, deal double damage.

Target Lock: Attack again and gain Offense Up for 2 turns.

(Special) Heavy Weaponry (3 turn CD)
Deal physical damage to all enemies. For each Tank enemy, deal +20% damage. If an enemy is taunting, this Ability ignores their protection.

(Unique) Overwhelming Firepower
GSS-5C Dustmaker ignores enemy taunts during its turns, but if it targets a taunting enemy, it deals +50% Critical damage and inflicts them with Target Lock for 2 turns.

Once per Turn, whenever a Sith ally uses an Ability, the GSS-5C Dustmaker is called to assist, dealing 20% reduced damage. If an enemy goes below 100% Health while the GSS-5C Dustmaker attacks out of turn, the ally Capital Ship gains 30% Turnmeter.

(Hardware) Dogfight-Predator
Enter Battle: All Sith allies gain +15% Offense and deal guaranteed critical hits, if possible, against Taunting enemies

The M-7 Razorwire Mine-Bomber
M-7 Razorwire
Roles: Dark Side, Sith, Attacker
Description: Fast Sith Attacker who can punish enemies for debuffing his allies

(Basic) Concentrated Fire
Deal physical damage to the target enemy and attack again. If the Razorwire is debuffed, attack again. If any other ally is debuffed, gain +15% Turnmeter for each time it attacks.

(Special) Seismic Minefield (4 turn CD)
Deal special damage to all enemies, inflict Tenacity Down for 2 turns and inflict Seismic Mine until the end of the Encounter. Afterwards, all debuffs from all allies are copied on the target enemy for 2 turns.

Seismic Mine: If this unit dispels a debuff, Seismic Mine detonates, dealing damage and re-applying all debuffs for 1 turn which cannot be resisted or evaded.

(Unique) Zone Control
Whenever an enemy gains a buff, the M-7 Razorwire gains +10% Potency and whenever an ally is inflicted with a debuff, it gains +5% Turnmeter per debuff applied.

Whenever an ally resists or dispels a debuff, the Razorwire loses 2% Offense but gains +10 Speed (Up to +150).

(Hardware) Imperial Blockade Support
Enter Battle: all enemies are inflicted with Seismic Mine until the end of the encounter and two Damage over Time effects for 2 turns.
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