Good p3 team

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Here's a P3 I just discovered by playing around. I could've done the phase with SLKR but I wanted to see if this would work and wow I was surprised




I was not anticipating emperors trap to carry through to P4. I clicked auto to just end it untill i saw this and quickly stopped. Unfortunately nilihus had TM from them targeting him

Here's the total damage afterwards

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    Was Shore crucial to that combo? Do you belive Death or Gideon could've done similar or better?
  • Probally not but I'm not sure, veers lead gives 10% TM per buff gained. Emperors trap counts so each turn imps get or attacks out of turn, they're giving the others imps 10% TM. When treya is down and say you use veers mass assist, that's a definite 40% TM gain to all imps. Any more attacks out of turns there just provides more TM
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