Falcon And The Winter Soldier



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    Iy4oy4s wrote: »
    I was today years old when I found out that the new Capt is Kurt Russels son.

    lol I was surprised too
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    I loved what they did with John in the latest episode it was pretty good in my opinion
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    What did you guys think of it, their probably gonna come out with another season
  • LordDirt
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    We needed Cobb Vanth shards for Krayt Dragon raid, Endor Gear Luke shards for Speeder Bike raid and Anakin Skywalker shards for Battle for Naboo raid?
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    I was disappointed that it was so short.
    Nice to see there might be hope for more episodes in the future.
    I was surprised by Sharon's new position/role.
    Didn't see that coming but I don't know the history of the comics if that was something new or not.
  • Gifafi
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    I watched the first 3-4 maybe so far. Pretty bored tbh
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Gifafi wrote: »
    I watched the first 3-4 maybe so far. Pretty bored tbh

    I felt that way about Wanda-Vision.
    I was like, I get it, there is some head game illusion going on. Can we please advance the plot now? Lol.

    This one was pretty solid.

    I get the impression none of them is a real show on their own.
    Its all about tying up loose ends & moving the "Lesser Avengers" forward into whatever will be the next Phase of the MCU.
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    I just about binged WandaVision and have been keeping pace with Falcon/Winter Soldier and both seem to me to be more about transitions in the characters without having to waste too much of the main movies time explaining how all the characters got from A to B. They were entertaining enough.
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