More Stars Or More Characters?

Hello there!
I'm at level 41 and still have tons to learn! Right now, this is what I'm wondering:
Should I focus on getting my better characters more stars, or should I focus on getting more characters/better characters?



  • More stars 100%. Focus down small amounts of characters at a time to get them high gear and stars.
  • Like he said,small amounts of characters, but with max stars and max gear , are the best
  • I’m going to take a slightly different tack to the replies above. Don’t get me wrong I agree with both entirely but as ever it depends on your roster.

    What are you currently using? If you’re still using the opening characters eg. Clone wars chewie you need to farm a complete squad and then focus on getting that squad up through the gears before moving onto another one. Follow one of the many starter guides out there if you aren’t already.

    That being said you should keep toons on constant farm, once you get your first squad to 7 star move onto farming the next squad. I wouldn’t activate the new squad until you’re ready to build them up.

    Essentially this is just a wordier way to give the same answers above.
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