Conquest Update

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Our first two Conquest events have concluded, and we are parsing through the data and feedback in order to refine the experience going forward. Before diving into further detail, we here at Capital Games would like to thank our passionate playerbase for the feedback and excitement demonstrated by you all as Conquest was welcomed onto the Holotables in a big way!

As we previously mentioned, the first several Conquest events are meant to serve as exhibitions. While we continue to keep a close eye on the event and make adjustments as needed, we will begin settling into a monthly cadence with Conquest. The event will run for two weeks followed by two weeks off until the next one begins.

For April, Conquest will begin in the middle of the month to allow us the time we need following the conclusion of the first two events to address some of the bugs and issues that surfaced during the exhibition period. Having said that, the next Conquest will heavily resemble the previous two, with the exception of the Jedi Knight Luke unintended interaction being addressed. The following Conquests will likely feature the introduction and removal of a few data disk sets, different bosses, and a change in the rewards.

We look forward to more Conquest events and other exciting things we have coming your way as May the 4th gets closer!
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