Hyperdrive Bundle purchase error

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Hi, hopefully someone can help me.

I tried to purchase the HD bundle today. Went through all the verification and payment screens, selected PayPal- transaction successful message pops up. Go back into game - nothing, no sign of it. Go into try and purchase again, get error message:

Purchase cancelled
The App Store has reported that the original purchase request was cancelled. If you updated your payment information and subsequently completed the purchase then you will be credited when payment confirmation is received from the App Store and notified of success through your inbox.

I didn’t update my payment information; I just went through PayPal as normal (all payment info in there is up to date). If I go past this error message, it tells me I’m unable to continue and to contact Apple support.

Anybody seen this before or can offer a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: sure there is a way to delete or, at the very least, lock the post. All sorted, gave it 20 mins and tried again.
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  • I’d contact Apple support because it may be a security thing since it’s such a big purchase. I’d first try Updating your payment information first then try again. If it still doesn’t work, try singing on and off of your profile. If that still doesn’t work contact Apple support. They’ll give you more details there. I doubt that you’ll get proper help here on the forums and especially with EA “No support”
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