Fleet Arena: Need Help!

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So I have ignored fleet arena for long enough and now I would like to be able to climb consistently.

My fleet:

Negotiator - GK R8
Hounds Tooth - Bossk R5
Umbaran Starfighter - Fives R7
Eta-2 Starfighter - Anakin R7
ARC-170 - Rex R5
Jedi Starfighter - Ahsoka R5
Jedi Starfighter - Plo G12

Anyone have a good strategy? I have watched videos but none seem to work most of the time. Any help is appreciated.


  • crzydroid
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    You should be able to beat anything with that? What teams are you having trouble against and what is in your 7th slot?

    Also, the best thing to do would probably be to get in touch with your fleet shard chat.
  • Hounds tooth is a bit of a weak point in your fleet. The AI seems to be very well programed in how to take them down. In any case I see people with worse fleets than yours take first spot every day.

    If you can up GK's mods in comparison to anakin's to the point where negotiator goes first then you can call a mass assist to get valor on everyone before their first turn. That gets the bombing run out very quickly.

    Try anakin, HT and rex to start. Likely plo first reinforce to clear debuffs, 5's or ahsoka second depending on situation. 5's if enemies have low tm to land target locks everywhere and get a big aoe with him. Ahsoka if you need to dispel something on arrival.

    Against nego, attack anakin to get down to yellow, then leave him alone. You want to trigger his bonus turns to make unending loyalty expire quickly. So either taking enemies below max health or killing them. Once he's out of loyalty take him out.

    Against malevolence focus down sun fac first, as otherwise he'll steal your focus anyway. Then hyena.

    A big part of the tactics for a negotiator fleet is to not just use anakin's aoe willy nilly. That buff block is key, and the aoe damage can kill off a pesky enemy anakin hiding behind taunts, or finish off vulture droids. Use his basic unless there is a good reason to use his aoe.

    Also with negotiator, one of the specials can often be better than calling in the second reinforcement. Dazed enemies are almost as good as dead enemies in some enemy fleets.

    Hope this helps, unless you're in my shard and payout hour!
  • LordDirt
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    Thanks for the help. Still trying to climb and this has made it a little easier.
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