Rebel Fighters

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What’s the optimal Rebel Fighter squad? & are they a decent squad to go for?!?
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  • CCyrilS
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    Under MM they are a decent squad.
  • Antario
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    I would say depending on your situation. A Wedge-lead rebel fighter team could also be a decent squad if you are an early game player.
  • Blubcop
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    I have MM, Pao, Rebel Scout, Wedge and Biggs. I think Pao and Scout are needed for the TM-train but the other two are quite switchable. I choose Biggs and Wedge becaus of the JML requirements. Also Relic Wedge hits like a truck under MM lead
  • MM, Pao, HR Scout, Cara, Cassian all at r5 for me. They have only once failed to get me 4/4 in LSTB, and I am pretty sure I made a misplay when that happened
  • Vendi1983
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    @DarjeloSalas that's impressive!
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