GConquests and GChallenges - Feats UI

We have become accustomed to the guessing game when playing these game modes on whether or not we have attained certain feats.

The most incredibly annoying ones are the ones with counters like removing 400% turn meter or inflicting 500k damage or heal 400k health ... etc.

A simple UI change that would help would reveal the state of the feat from within the fight. As the UI is already crowded, I suggest this is a button/hotspot that pops up a screen showing the state of the feat. This shouldn't require huge changes as the feats are obviously already tracked and the data should be localized (unless of course you report all the data from the fight back and calculate the feat's achievement post fight, in which case this becomes a bit more difficult).

I want to chase feats and have fun with it but I don't want to record and slo mo analyze my matches while tabulating results by hand to see if I've ground away long enough on the feat to finish the fight.
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