Back from vacay, what the heck happened? Lol

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OMG I feel so behind. This update is craziness. Yoda, unobtainable gear, gear I had everything to craft is now missing these new pieces. Arrrrgh!

When I hit 70, I was sad I couldn't progress anymore. Now though, I'm sad I'm not max anymore.



  • One little mistake, used the red poition instead of the green. Ahh well, it'll sort itself out eventually. Mind you, the Emperors eyebrows will need painting on for a bit..

    Sorry, whats the problem Dearie?
  • We had a party.. Things got...kinda... Moved.
    Yeah.. Moved.

    Don't go in the bathroom. :/
  • slmcmr
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    Just like every update we have a new OP. It is called "sim button". It has all the secrets of universe hidden in somewhere and if you hit it enough times you may get it. Or you may just get 300 credits :/
  • Dooku took it all and he dint care >:)
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