SLKR conquest issue?

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Disclaimer: Sorry if this is painfully obvious and its clearly something ive got set up wrong. In having health issues and get confused sometimes and might miss something obvious. (Seriously, please be gentle im sick and its permanent).

What's going on with SLKR in conquest matchs? He takes a turn or two and his hitpoints drop away to nothing, doesnt seem to matter who I run with him, 2-3 turns and he has a teensy HP bar.
Trying to avoid blowing alot (to me) of conquest points stripping data disks until it fixes if thats it but cant see why they would be causing this. Using cool down reducers, offense/defense buffs/turn meter gains on biffs/offense gain on buffs/apply armor shred and heal immunity of enemy dropping below 100% life.
Happens regardless of what the enemy team is made up of. I know theres a mechanic at play and gotta be SLKR's kit I just cant figure out where the problem is...swear he used to work great in conquest XD

Thanks for the buttsaving if anyone has a moment to straighten me out to what's probably a simple mistake on my part.

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  • DarjeloSalas
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    SLKR’s unique means all allies lose max health when they gain turn meter.

    You will be using data disks that grant turn meter.
  • Thank you. Knew it was something obvious. Swear I even knew this from an earlier conquest. Tried googleing a few searches but have to be typing it in wrong in some way as this has to be super common. Thank you.

    Now I run away in the shame i expected. XD. Knew it was me being silly somehow.
  • Vendi1983
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    Yeah I made the same mistake and forgot to pull those off as well. I had two of the +22% TM gain cards on. He had two health bars by the time Vader finished his MM/FC train.
  • Artumas
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    It realistically shouldn't be much of an issue anyway if you're running a good enough disk setup for this conquest, with the infinite turn looping it really doesn't matter if you have 1 hp, unless you have no tank taunting and the enemy has a counter attack.

    The other thing to remain aware of is that all galactic republic teams have damage reflection. Even those really terrible lineup ones with GMY leading clones, etc. (in comparison, at least.) are really dangerous because of this.

    Honestly, though, aside from Rey and her protection spam for a couple fights, (notably getting GMY to survive on the JML boss in sector 5) I've found GLs to actually be quite... bad? in conquest. Compare any of the current GL's abilities with what Vader, DR or GMY can do with the current selection of disks, for example. Sure, they're still GOOD, but it's just like, they just... do the same thing, pretty much.
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