Ally’s on Darkside Battles

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I started an alt account and at lvl 74, I have added 3 strong allies. When I fight lightside battles I can see an option to pick a charter from all 3, but all I get is the random ones on Darkside battles. I know there’s a 24 hour cool down on allies. But I hadn’t fought a lightside battle in days as they were all done, but still not seeing allies pop on Darkside battles.

I’ll eventually get throught it, but those allies are so good for the hard nodes when levelling.

Three pictures here all taken same time with no battles in between



  • Crayons
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    Should have added this is new. A few weeks back Darkside allies were popping for me.
  • crzydroid
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    Besides the cooldown, another thing that can happen is if you have the same character as your ally loaded in, the ally won't show. If you go in to the character selection screen, deselect that ally, then back out, you should be able to see them when you go in again.
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