Beskar mando damaged through damage immunity

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Have been trying to do tier 6 under geared and have noticed that sometimes when I put damage immunity on ig 11 both ig 11 and mando get damaged by one of Gideon’s attacks. Am I missing something in the kits?
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  • crzydroid
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    Do you have a video of it happening? The damage immunity only lasts one turn; are you sure they still had it.
  • Maybe its a bug, this game is filled with them after all or maybe the damage immunity expired
  • Artumas
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    Started it up to check - Not seeing anything abnormal in the event.
    Be aware that the damage immunity essentially only lasts until the unit's next turn, which depending on turn order can make it wear off on the unit you gave it to almost immediately.
  • BioHazard
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    Is it the one where he shoots the barrel? I just tried it for me and it doesn’t seem to count damage numbers, just resets the protection and/or health (I might have been reading too slow). It might be a bug, that tier is quite buggy (ie. Event Greef is the same as normal Greef) or it might be the event trying to force you to take a bonus turn to use wonder of the force at the right time to emulate what happened in chapter 8 of the Mandalorian. Just a working theory, don’t think your undergeared characters have anything to do with it. Mine had relics and were still affected.
  • Painos
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    It’s happened three times so far but doesn’t matter too much I’ll ride the rng wave
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