Character unlocks for new players

So I had done the marquee events for dark trooper and moff Gideon but hadn't unlocked them.

With this update was I supposed to be given the minimum unlock IN ADDITION to the shards I got from the marquee events?

Because that was how I read the post, we'd be given the character unlocked, if we hadn't already, irrespective of the shards collected from the marquee events


  • Kyno
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    No, you should not retain the shards you have.
  • How it works is if you don’t have the character unlocked, it unlocks at the (new) min star level. If you have shards of that character, it uses those shards to unlock as if you had gotten just enough shards to unlock and then unlocked it.

    So if you didn’t activate Dark Trooper and had 50 shards, now you should have a 1 star Dark Trooper and 40 shards, etc.
  • Thanks for the clarification, disappointed but it makes sense I guess
  • Hestis
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    There were 4 of the new characters that I don’t have unlocked, but the only one I got was Rey. No Old Ben, Anakin, or Gideon.
  • E3P0
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    Missing Anakin and Old Ben here.
  • Kyno
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    they are looking into it.
  • Fingaz
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    I'm still missing gideon and dark trooper
  • Fingaz wrote: »
    I'm still missing gideon and dark trooper

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