GA feats with multiple stages

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You know which ones I'm talking about.
Know Thy Enemy (undersized battles) and Tactical Advance (territories)

We really need some QoL changes when it comes to these feats. I can't even count how many times I forgot to claim the feats and wasted battles/territories.
When you are on the battle map you have no way of knowing if you completed any feats. You need to go back two screens to check. I don't think many people want do that. I believe most players complete the battles in one sitting and check feats after that.

There are multiple ways to improve these feats.
1. Just track progress even when the reward is not claimed
2. After completing one stage of the feat just add the second/third stage as a new feat even when the reward is not claimed
3. Have all stages as separate feats from the start - i.e. one feat requires 12 battles, another one requires 24 battles etc.
4. Add a notification similar to the recently added quest pop-ups

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