Zsolt's Journey Guide for My Fellow Newbies - Commander Luke Skywalker 6* - 7*

Hello everyone.

My next step on the path of extraordinary toons in the Journey Guide is CLS or Commander Luke Skywalker. The previous event was R2D2, and it is required to have the droid for this one. So, what toons do you need, what mods, what gear level, and how you may complete the event without breaking your phone? In this guide, I will show you my setup for CLS Event 6* and 7*. I include the 6* as it is a unique stage before the 7th. CLS will be the leader of my classic Rebel team, CLS lead, R2D2, Raid Han Solo, Chewbacca (also in the guide), and C3PO (also in the guide. I know they require tons of grinding, but hey, at the end, you will have a kick-**** light-side Rebel team.

For the 6* - One character is required here, and he is Obi-Wan (Old Ben).
As you can see here, I have Old Ben with Gear level 9. That is neither too much, nor too low, usable later too. Every ability is on level 7, no Omegas for me. Mods: You will need a bulky Old-Ben. I use two Health sets and one Potency set (mass ability block is a help sometimes). On the Arrow I have health%, Triangle one is Offense % (not the best, but that was what I had got), and for the Plus, I have Tenacity. It is okay to not have an ability block on Ben.

For the stage - p26de3zb5po6.jpg
At this stage, you will need only one thing - to survive enough rounds and then sacrifice yourself. The whole stage is quite a cinematic one. You will get that extra ability. The tenacity % is good because if Vader applies the Ability Block, you will not be able to sacrifice yourself and end the event.
Actually damaging Vader does not matter, so try to survive and avoid getting rebuffed. The SHIELD icon is an extra ability, it makes you even tankier. Survive and then make the sacrifice, just like in the movie.

Now, the more difficult part is the 7* stage. For this one, Old Ben will not be here, as he is *dead*, so do not upgrade Ben too much, it is enough for him to survive. The other characters will play at this stage: Stormtrooper Han, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), and R2D2. Let's see each toon separately, and then we can move onto the strategy.

Stormtrooper Han: You can get him from the Cantina Battle Store. It will take time so try to think ahead and collect him with your earned currencies. He is going to be your leader in this event. He will die (it's nearly 100% but it does not matter), but he needs to be tanky. For this one, I used Omegas, mostly because the TM gain chance on his Basic, the Draw Fire because it reduces the cooldown of the Taunt - one turn matters a lot - and for the leader's ability. No Zeta. Mods: Tanky Han is a good Han. 2 sets of Health and 1 set of Tenacity. Protection on Arrow, Defense on Triangle, and Defense on Plus. You may vary according to your findings, the only aspect is to make him a beefy tank, Gear 9 was sufficient for me.

Princess Leia: I like her very much because she can dish out some crazy amount of damage. One Omega only, on her basic, increases the chance of multi-attacking. 7 for Rebel tactics and 7 for Against All Odds. Mods: Speed set and Crt Chance set. If you have, use a speed arrow. if not, use an offense one. Crt Chance or Crt Damage Triangle, and an offense would be good for the Plus, but deal with what you can get. I upgraded her to Gear X, good for the Rancor Raid too, and useful in other team compositions.

Luke Skywalker (Farmboy): I do not like him, but you have to sure that he can survive and deal some damage. He is not as good as Leia, but he can stun, so I focused on his Potency too, not just damage. Gear 9, and Level 7 abilities. You will need a high Crt Chance to apply Stun with the Bullseye. Draw a Bead increases Chance and Damage so that is good. I used Crt Chance set and Crt Damage set. Speed for Arrow, Crt Damage for Triangle (may vary to Chance), whatever for plus. You will not use him for anything at all later on.

R2D2: This droid is so good, you can go for higher gear, I upgraded him to X, but will increase later on for sure. You will need as much speed as you can have and survivability with Potency to apply the stun. I Omega'd all three abilities and Level 7 for the two unique abilities. Speed set and Potency set, Speed arrow, Health Triangle, and Potency Plus.

Let's see the stage itself.

Str Han is the Lead, he provides more survivability.

Three separate stages and tons of stormtroopers with Officers. Try to survive make them bite the dust fast.
You must kill the taunting Stormtroopers and kill the Officer too. Be fast if you can.

For the second part


Kill the center guy first, he is fast and can be a nuisance for you. Also, watch out for the cooldowns, you do not want to move to the last stage without Han's taunt, R2's smokescreen, and all the other nice abilities.

For the last part
You have all these taunts and healing abilities..Focus on one Stormtrooper at once. Ignore the leader.
.Use Han's Taunt and R2's Smoke on him, to conceal the others and give Foresight to Han in order to dodge one attack. Han will die, but if you have a little luck, Leia will punch enough into the enemy to end the stage without Han.

Wear down each and every Trooper, then finish off the Leader


As you can see, you may do it with this setup, and now, you have 7* CLS.

Have Fun with him and then, go for Chewbacca. This is my next project, so I farm the BH's and their Gear. In time, you also collect Raid Han Solo's shards, so he will be available for you too later or sooner.

Thanks for reading.

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